Top Ten Worst Money Making Blogs In 2014

Article-Writing.jpgOnline Money making Business has reached new heights nowadays. And among all of them is Blogging. It can be really difficult for you to get your hands on good blogging websites that can actually help you in making good money  as choosing a wrong website can ruin your idea of making money. In short,  It is very hard to get to know that which blogging site is worst for your online money making career. We have a list of the ten worst money making blogs in 2014. Let’s have a look!

10. SuperAff

Superaff Worst Money Making Blog

Some of the articles on this websites are very enthralling but some of them do not even make sense and also the top of the page of this websites have an ‘About’ and ‘Contact’ link which is empty and is of no use for the money makers and users.

09. Murray Newlands

MurrayNewlands Worst Money Making Blog

There is probably no one who has ever heard of this guy and the major reason why this money making blog is a total flop is because it is devoid of any actual information and is just made up of useless interviews and review posts that are completely unsearched.

08. Jason M James

Jason M James Worst Money Making Blog

The readers are supposed to sign up at the blog to their spam list to get which is basically the same pattern to follow as that of John Chow business model.

07. Money Making Mommy

Money Making Mommy Worst Money Making Blog

Mommybloggers is apparently a blog that is particularly for those moms who have a decent computer and an internet connection but the only thing they are teaching to these females are capable of doing jobs that can easily be outsourced to India for .10 dollar an hour.

06. Worst Money Making Blog

This blog used to have reputation when it first started but now it has associations with the most blatant people and attempt and persuade newbies to join their $5k turnout fee SEO gatherings.

05. Blackhat World

Blackhat World Worst Money Making Blog

This blog is full of people who just wishes to make a lot of money by only pretending they are girls so they can have long chats and influence people on signing up to dating services which are completely awful.

04. Digital Point Forums

Digital Point Forums Worst Money Making Blog

This domicile is just a gutter of third world scammers demanding to make a scarce dollar a month clicking their own AdSense ads.

03. Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research Worst Money Making Blog

The reward center of this website is totally confusing and people have difficulties in ordering the payments through PayPal as well.

02. UK My Survey

UK My Survey Worst Money Making Blog

There are many occasionally broken surveys and a lot of them are similar as well that may cause troubles with the payments.

01. One Poll

One Poll Worst Money Making Blog

The average amount that can be earned is very low and some of the surveys reward you in the form of prize draws and not money.

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