Top Ten Worst Inventions Of All Time

3.parachute jacket

Necessity definitely brings the mankind to work on number of productive and helping inventions. This is a part of life process but that too requires a sensible mind behind. There are a lot of inventions that turned out to be a disaster in the history of all time. Their fiasco brought them in our list of worst inventions of all time.

1. Baby cage cage

One of the most famous but not long lasting inventions of all times ‘baby cage’ was invented by a woman Emma Read in 1922. She suggested a cage for a little kid to get suspended upon exterior of buildings, in galleries or balconies over the street. It was subjected to help moms and nannies in order to have a spare time while looking after a baby. The baby could enjoy in the fresh air while moms used to get done with their tasks but it did not last longer and one may not have even an idea of such an invention today.

2. Agent Orange

2.agent orange

Invented by the U.S. Department of Defense, this toxic chemical herbicide called Agent Orange was used by U.S. military in Vietnam War to cut the forest that resulted in a better view of the troops. This was assumed to get them help in attacking and fighting but its subsequent effects were destructive and resulted in different fatal diseases in human beings. So it failed to sustain and became one of the worst inventions of all times.

3. Parachute jacket

3.parachute jacket

Parachute jacket, one of the most serious one on our list, was designed to act as a parachute by French Tailor Frantz Reichelt. He was a veteran parachuting and was quite confident about his invention as well. But it turned out to be a devastating failure since he met to death during his first trial of jumping off from Eifel Tower.

4. Phone finger

Being a little critical, phone finger turned out to be a complete useless and non sense invention in the history. You just don’t want to know much about such an invention whose purpose was to secure the screen of smartphones. More than this, it was designed to make your fingers look weird and ugly.

5. Hair growth sprays growth spray

Ron Popiel is the name behind this flunked invention named as Chop-O-Matic. It was launched in 1990s and marketed in late night infomercials. But it lost its popularity in a short time due to a great number of negative responses for this powder.

6. Hydrogen blimps

6.hydrogen blimps

It was again a fatal invention of 1931 when the makers of an airship named Hindenburg tried to use hydrogen instead of helium for floating purpose. But it turned out to be a huge disaster since hydrogen caught fire in exaggerating amount and the airship burst off causing 35 people to death.

7. Anti eating mask

7.anti eating mask

For those buds, lacking will power to have a control on their diet, this mask was designed in a weird manner. Comprising strips and locks wound all over the mouth and tied at the back of your head. Wearing this anti eating mask even requires a strong will power in reality.

8. Clippy


A useless and much irritating invention of late 90’s, clippy is no more alive and that is what it deserved. While using MS office, little clippy used to appear on screen to assist what to do and what not to. More than a helper, it turned out to be a hindrance in attaining a level of concentration with your work.

9. High five simulator

High Five Simulator

To the loneliest souls out there, it was a call for you if you to celebrate a great moment even if all alone. For instance, if you are alone playing a video game and you get an urge to have a clap on your good move taking you to a good score or something like that, you can have this simulating hand to satisfy your urge. Sounds ridiculous no?

10.Red dye No 2 dye no.2

A widely used food color in 1970s, for flavoring and topping purposes titled Red Dye 2 was acclaimed by a Russian scientist as hazardous and fatal having content causing cancer. This dye flopped badly after this declaration and banned all over the world.