Top Ten Most Watched Reality Shows Of All Times

Popular reality shows to watchThe new trend of making unscripted and actual occurrences in a show that is known as a reality show has been increasing gradually since survivor in early 2000’s. Show makers as well as audience seem to be much more interested in reality shows rather than a scripted and performed piece of art. The unexpected and real kind of situations and interactions between contestants always attract a massive audience and once they start following a show, it becomes an addiction. People go crazy for it. The craziness of people bring these reality shows to one of the most popular and wanted genre of the shows. Here is a list highlighting top ten most watched reality shows of all times.


Survivors Most Watched Reality Shows Of All Times

‘Survivors’ is grabbing first position in the list of ten most watched reality shows. This show is produced in many countries worldwide and has become the eye catcher of the viewers since 2000. It has a lot of rules and implementations that keep changing and being modified to increase the interest of people following the show. A bunch of contestants are compelled to survive in the provided situation by any mean. The most watched reality show is worth it because of the suspense and curiosity it spreads among its followers.

The Deadliest Catch

The Deadliest Catch Most Watched Reality Shows Of All Times

As the name of the show ‘Deadliest Catch’ indicates, this reality show holds a unique position in this list. This is based on true events taking place in the Bering sea. The adventure and amazement of fear and valor in the show keeps its audience awaited for its new seasons. Aired in 2005 on Discovery, this show gained enough popularity all around the world and is now watched in almost 200 countries with a huge viewers’ interest.

The Osbourne’s

The Osbourne's Most Watched Reality Shows Of All Times

Taking an entirely new concept, ‘The Osbournes’ featured the domestic life of heavy metal singer Ozzy Osbourne and became very popular of its time. The year of its release was 2002 and got premiered on MTV. It brought 2002 Primetime Emmy award to MTV for the Outstanding reality TV show of the year.

The Apprentice

The Apprentice Most Watched Reality Shows Of All Times

‘The Apprentice’ is the forth most watched reality TV game show and its main market is the people associated with different enterprises like real estate, restaurant management , accounting and sales. It catches up the interest of its audience because of its events that are more likely to be real ones. People competing in such an environment worth a watch in today’s world. This show is categorized in two versions that is US version and UK version.

Project Runway

Project Runway Most Watched Reality Shows Of All Times

Holding the honor of being a combination of talent, entertainment and reality game show altogether, ‘Project Runway’ appears on the list of the most watched reality shows on 5th rank. The show involves a competitive analysis of contestants designing fashion goods which attract the attention of the audience and enlighten them with the new fashion trend. The host of the show ‘Heidi Klum’ serve making it people’s favorite.

American Idol

American Idol Most Watched Reality Shows Of All Times

Seeking the perfect voice of America for solo recordings, ‘American idol’ is the biggest reality contest. It is based on the concept of British Pop Idol but it has covered a long distance in a small time to reach the highest rank in the list of singing contest. Audiences following this show literally go crazy about their most favorite contestants and also they are emotionally attached with them. Fox is seemed to be a lucky channel to earn its fortune by American idol.

Hell’s Kitchen

Hell's Kitchen Most Watched Reality Shows Of All Times

‘Hell’s Kitchen’ one hell of a US reality TV show is basically a cooking contest produced with the similar concept as of a British cooking contest of the same name. It has become very popular among the people much more interested in cooking and its vocations. Different modes of cooking, dressing and presenting being an art, is brilliantly portrayed as qualities of a perfect chef. ‘Gordon Ramsay’, the host of the show has won various awards after this show and attracts people much more towards liking and following this reality show.

Top Chef

Top Chef Most Watched Reality Shows Of All Times

In the list of reality talent shows, ‘top chef’ is one of the best cooking competitions that very first aired in 2006 in America. This show, being new in the list has gained popularity very fast and has become one of the most watched reality TV show. It has an amazing cinematography and editing which earned it Primetime Emmy awards.

The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race Most Watched Reality Shows Of All Times

Thirteen times Primetime Emmy Awards winning show ‘The Amazing Show’ is a renowned show in the list of most popular reality TV shows. The adventurous and mind blowing concept of the show keeps its audience following the show with excitement and devotion. It was aired in 2001 in US and since then it has been spread worldwide becoming enough popular among its followers all around the world. Phil Keoghan with his fabulous expertise of hosting is also one center of attraction towards the show.

The Bachelor

The Bachelor Most Watched Reality Shows Of All Times

If we look into the lighter side, ‘The Bachelor’ is one of the most popular reality show among the audience. The charm of being in a relationship and experiencing its ups and downs that too in a competition is the biggest attraction of this show. It debuted in 2002 on ABC. One of the reasons of its popularity is that all its seasons are hosted by Chris Harrison who has gained much fame after this reality dating show.


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