Top 10 Richest People of Israel in 2016

Top 10 Richest People of Israel in 2016Israel is one of the most advance and evolutionary country of the world. This achievement of Israel is due to it’s the amount of its startup companies. Israel is known as the world’s second largest country in terms of the startup companies present here. Moreover, Israel has the largest sum of NASDAQ listed companies that are situated exterior to North America.  Despite of its small population, Israel has fashioned many billionaires and every year, new and young talents are merging from all over the country and are being enlisted among the richest people of Israel.

Top ten richest people of Israel in 2016 are as share below.

Eyal Ofer

1 Eyal Ofer

Net worth: 8.9 billion dollars

Known for: Chairman of Zodiac Maritime Ltd and Chairman of Global Holdings

He is a famous monocot based real estate agent working in Israel. He is a great shipping magnet and is among the most renowned philanthropists of the world. His foundation i.e. Zodiac Maritime Ltd and Global Holdings supports many educational projects in Israel.

Stef Wertheimer

2 Stef Wertheimer

Net worth: 5.6 billion dollars

Known for: Chairman of IMC

He is a German born Israeli business tycoon and is also famous as a philanthropist and a politician. He used to be a chief member of Knesset and is very well recognized for making many industrial parks in Israel alongside other bordering countries.

Arnon Milchan

3 Arnon Milchan

Net worth: 5.2 billion dollars

Known for:  Film producer

He is 62 years old but is among the most honorable and famous film producers of Israel. He has his own production line called Regency Productions which is currently the most profitable company of Israel.

Idan Ofer

4 Idan Ofer

Net worth: 5.1 billion dollars

Known for: Majority shareholder of Quantum Pacific Group, Pacific Drilling, Israel Corporation and Kenon Holdings

He is a famous Israeli businessman who is currently based in London. He is also a great philanthropist and has great interest in shipping and mining business.

Shari Arison

5 Shari Arison

Net worth: 4.8 billion dollars

Known for: Philanthropist and businesswomen

She is the richest investor and philanthropist of Israel and is among the wealthiest people of the world. She is currently the owner of Arison Investments which has many sub-companies like Bank Hapoalim.

Yitzhak Tshuva

6 Yitzhak Tshuva

Net worth: 4.1 billion dollars

Known for: Chairman of El-Ad group

He is one of the richest business magnets of Israel and is also the owner of New York Plaza Hotel. According to Forbes, he is among the wealthiest people of the world and is going to raise his net worth many folds in coming years.

Teddy Sagi

7 Teddy Sagi

Net worth: 3.3 billion dollars

Known for: Founder of Playtech

He is currently based in London but is also a billionaire businessman of Israel. He is the owner of his own gambling software companies and services. He is also among the chief shareholders of Market Tech Holdings which owns the Camden Market of London.

Shaul Shani

8 Shaul Shani

Net worth: 3 billion dollars

Known for: Investor

 He is a 60 year old Israel’s richest investor of the year and is known to have made his fortune by selling Global Village Telecom to Vivendi for about four billion dollars.

Beny Steinmetz

9 Beny Steinmetz

Net worth: 2.8 billion dollars

Known for: Businessman

He has been born and raised in Israel and runs his own diamond business which was inherited to him by his father. He is the chairman of Geneva-based Steinmetz Diamond Group.

Alexander Machkevitch

10 Alexander Machkevitch

Net worth: 2.2 billion dollars

Known for: Owner of Eurasian Natural Resources Co

One of the richest investor and businessman of Israel is Alexander Machkevitch. He has his own metal manufacturing company in Kazakhstan and has partnerships with other billionaire and millionaire investors’ f of Israel and neighboring countries.

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