Top Ten Richest Film Directors In 2015

4.christophar nolan

Film industry, all over the world is being revolutionized and in a rapid growing process since film makers have become much aware and sophisticated. In film making process, the one who controls and directs each and every move to be taken is what we call director. We can infer that the fate of a movie is much more dependent on the direction and everyone judges a movie mainly by its direction. Many renowned directors are still making classic piece of arts in this regard and earning their fortune out of this. Since movie making has now become a large scale trade, the investment and finance of the movie is also controlled on large scale and budgets. Directors make the best out of their performances and enjoy their stakes.

Here is a list of directors who have become billionaires from their profession and still in a progress of bringing quality work on screen becoming rich and popular day by day.

1. Tyler Perry:

1.tyler perry

Tyler Perry’s estimated worth is $170 billion. He has extraordinary skills and is a man of great talent. He seems to be gifted with extraordinary talent. Tyler has gifted his people with a number of movies which raised the expectations of his fans even further. He is a well-known director from America.

2. Peter Jackson:

2.peter jackson

No, Peter Jackson is not just known for his effecting and extraordinary skills as a director, but he is also a writer, cinematographer which makes him a multitalented and a hardworking personality. With an estimated worth of $140 billion, Peter origin is from New Zealand but later on he moved to America. He intends to continue this steak of bring out the best in the film making industry.

3. Berry Levinson


The first richest film director we have on our list is Barry Levinson. Belonging to America, he is a famous and talented senior director who has won Oscar for his movie ‘rain man’ as best movie. This is one of the dreams of a film oriented person to win an Oscar once in a life time. His talent and effort makes him earn his fortune and gaining a net worth of $150 million.

4. Christopher Nolan

4.christophar nolan

With a similar net worth of $150 million as that of Barry Levinson, the fourth spot is occupied by Christopher Nolan. He is a veteran in making thrillers and mysteries that make audience forget the world. He has done films like ‘inception’ that actually makes him an exceptional director. And not to mention he was also the director of The Batman trilogy.

5. Wachowski Brothers:

5.wachowski brothers

Lana Wachowski and Andy Wachowski together know as the Wachowskis are American screen writers, producers and screenwriters. Debuted with BOUND, brothers reached fame with their second film for which they won Saturn Award for best director. With their creative minds and extraordinary thinking capabilities they earn a net amount of $250 million.

6. Franchis Ford Coppola:


Director, Producer and screenwriter, Fracnchis Ford Coppola is considered as one of the richest American director with a net $250 million. Well known for his “The Godfather” trilogy, he has won number of awards for directing and writing. Out of 14Nominatins, he won five Academy Awards.

7. James Cameron

7.james cameron

One of the most recognized Hollywood movie maker as well as a talented director. He has entertained his audience with some everlasting movies and beautiful stories. With an estimated worth of $7.5, James movie Titanic still lives in the hearts of people.

8. Ridley Scott:


Considered as one of the best director of the era, Ridley is estimated to have a net amount of $9 billion. Known for his various popular movies, he is highly acclaimed and a well versed director. He is popular for his direction skills and his capabilities.

9. Michael Bay:


While taking about directors with extraordinary skills, one cannot simply ignore Michael Bay. He is one of the most talented USA’s director. With an estimated net worth of $130 billion, Michael Bay has a charming personality and has produced a number of blockbusters.

10.George Lucas: lucas

He was born in Modesto. His estimated worth is $5 billion and is not just a director but a producer as well as a storywriter. He has produced some worth watching movies making him one of the richest director of the time.

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