Top Ten Richest Cities In The World,england

With the increasing population and the growth of industries in various sectors, every country is striving to make their mark in the world. Usually the GDP of the country accounts for their value among other nations. This rivalry has been going on since years now and every year, every country puts in all their efforts to be among the top ones. Considering the importance of capital on globe, a list is compiled using the annual Gross Domestic Product (GDP), annual earnings, and market values of services of countries which become a basis for determining the quality of life of a particular region which the economy has the strength to implement.

This list is a representation of the cities that belong to other parts of the world to show metropolitan areas that contribute the most to the global metropolitan economy, and cities that encourage the advancement of society.

10: London, England:,england

London being one of the richest cities in the world has also been crowned as the world’s most important city! Daniel Bins keeps it simple, saying

It appears London’s streets really are paved with gold – as the capital is home to more billionaires than any other city in the world.

But what more does a city need when it has got a range of the best health care facilities to the world’s finest educational institutes and a GDP of $552 billion!

9) Shanghai, China:


This city famous for its remarkable and unique architecture is likely to attract tourists usually appearing for business relations. Shanghai, one of a very important port city has a GDP of $653 billion approximate. This is a major and high developed city of city with its huge markets and industries of steel production, oil and chemicals.

8) Mumbai India:


The heart of India has been known for its huge population but somehow this city has managed to make it to the richest city of the world! Mumbai is known for its over crowded streets and huge traffic. From lavish Bollywood parties to gleaming new private hospitals, this city is shining brightly with an estimate GDP of $743 billion.

7) Istanbul, Turkey:, turkey

Turkey’s most beautiful city Istanbul has made an approximate GDP of $800 billion. This place has recently become the apple of the eye of world tourism. It is also known as the multicultural city of Turkey. This developed country provides all the necessities for their people.

6) Moscow, Russia:

The city is known for several attractions like the Kremlin, Red Square, the BolshoiTheater and the mausoleum housing Vladimir Lenin’s preserved corpse. Chemical, metallurgy and food production industries are a key factor for an estimated GDP of $9504. Moscow is located in the west of Russia.

5) Seoul, South Korea:

5.seoul, south korea

Korean War Memorial, Namsan Park, Changdeokgung Palace and the N Seoul Tower are the attraction of this beautiful city. Seoul’s approximate GDP is $10232 billion. It is one of the major tourist points of South Korea and its beautiful climate attracts the people from around the globe. Its leading industries are mainly of electronic, textile, and iron and steel production.

4) Chicago, USA:


Also known as the windy city of USA, Chicago’s approximate GDP is $12453 billion. This oldest city of the United States receives a lot of income from tourism industry every year. Its attractions include the Chicago Theatre, the Field Museum of Natural History and Wrigley Field. Its biggest industries are manufacturing, printing and publishing.

3) Paris, France:,france

The city with the world famous Eiffel Tower is ranked as the third richest of world. It is the hub of France and is likely the place where every new fashion originates. The clothing business and its tourism have been the major aspects to make Paris one of the richest on globe. Its estimated GDP is $13522 billion.

2) New York, USA: york

This city with the publishing, finance and real estate biggest industries has an average GDP of $13532 billion. It has the world’s finest colleges and hospitals along with their famous Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge and the Empire State Building. New York is a highly populated city of USA as well.

1) Tokyo, Japan:,japan

Tokyo is at the top of the list of top 10 richest cities in the world. Its attractions include Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo Tower, the Tokyo Imperial Palace and the Museum of Contemporary Art. Its biggest industries are in electronics, telecommunications and publishing. The city’s estimated GDP is $14530 billion.

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