Top Ten Richest Bloggers in Asia In 2016

Richest Bloggers in Asia In 2016If you have been looking for the richest bloggers in Asia, you must know that Asia has become the internet powerhouse of the world and this is why a vibrant blogging community has developed here. There are many famous bloggers of Asia who write about topics related to fashion, food, tourism, travel, décor and politics etc. These bloggers are not just famous for their work but also famous because of the monthly earning they make with their blogs. They are passionate about their work and field that are related to marketing. Find Top Ten Richest Bloggers in Asia In 2016 all here!

Lester Chan

Lester Chan richest asian blogger

He is a tech and gadget specialist who is working as a tech engineer developing plugins for WordPress. He is also the author of an eponymous blog where he talks about latest technology, gadgets, computer hardware and latest software.


Qiuting richest asian blogger

Qiuting is a very pretty girl herself who blogs mostly on beauty, fashion, shopping and lifestyle. She is very famous on Instagram and twitter and host directory of famous restaurants through her famous blog.


Hongkiat richest asian blogger

Hongkiat give tricks and tips on deigning, blogging and technology through blogging. Hongkiat is involved into major sources of information for the digital crowd of the globe and now count many international contributing authors through their blog.


Chuckei richest asian blogger

She is a rich model, DJ and a blogger as well. She is currently blogging about lifestyle, traveling, tourism and food and various other prospects of life in reference to her experiences.

Diana Rikasari

Diana Rikasari richest asian blogger

Diana Rikasari is the writer of one of the most famous lifestyle and fashion blog of Asia celled Hot Chocolate and Mint. She has received many awards for her writing and has a large social media fan following and online community due to her colorful elegances.

Michelle Koesnadi

Michelle Koesnadi richest asian blogger

Glisters and Blisters is a fashion diary written and composed by Michelle Koesnadi. She has written many award winning blogs and has earned herself a very prominent position in the world of fashion industry.

Herdiana Surachman

Herdiana Surachman richest asian blogger

A blog named Deluxshionist is owned by Herdiana Surachman where he writes about fashion tips, travel tips and lifestyle adventures. He has gathered a huge community on Facebook Instagram, twitter and other social media websites and is currently collaborating with many major brands of Asia to take his blog to completely new level of success.

Emily Quak

Emily Quak richest asian blogger

She owns her own fashion and travel blog named Emily’s Anthology. Her blog is followed by millions of people because she is very popular on YouTube where she broadcasts her makeup tutorials and teaches people how to do glamorous makeup within minutes.

Tricia Gosingtian

Tricia Gosingtian richest asian blogger

Asia’s top fashion blogger, Tricia Gosingtian posts blogs about her life and tell people how Asia has made her proud with her on unique personal lifestyle.  Her grace is western that she has coupled with her professionalism, making her one of the top most blogger of Asia.

Maryam Maquillage

Maryam Maquillage richest asian blogger

Beauty blogger Maryam Maquillage is ardent about her work and art and feels no hesitation in bestowing out her passion on her blog.

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