Top Ten Poorest Nations In 2015

 Burundi.gifBeing human, there lies a delicate shade in all of us, irrespective of the race or nationality and that is, the thought of being considerate towards those suffering ones who are not even getting the basic necessities of life. We have been sharing so much about the wealthy people who have captured more than half of the world’s revenue approximately, let us quickly share with you the poorest nations of the world in 2014. Have a look!

10. ZamBbia


GDP per capita: $589.46

The major reason of the poverty of this country is its population. There are no policies made to control the rate of births in the country and because there are no proper management of resources measurements of agriculture fields and metal formation is still not enough.

9. Congo


GDP per capita: $261.84

Congo was once the most prominent oil producing country of the world but after the World War II the resources got really destroyed and corruption took place in the politics and the arte of unemployment’s are very high and the economy is completely devastated as well.

8. Afghanistan


GDP per capita: $678.35

By its area, it is though the largest country of Asia but because the arte of unemployment are very high and the wars that the country face every now and then, has made Afghanistan one of the poorest country of the Asia as well.

7. Central African republic

Central African republic

GDP per capita: $482.67

They are blessed with all kinds of agriculture resources but due to the poor management and corruption the level of poverty in this country a reached to its maximum limitations. Average income here is only 300 and unemployment rate is more than 40%.

6. Liberia


GDP per capita: $413.76

More than 80% of the population is unemployed in this country which is why the average annual income in this region is 435 per person. School as well as health facilities are also destroyed because of the civil war of 1989 which makes this country even more confounded and deprived than it already is.

5. Malawi


GDP per capita: $893.05

This country is not just poor and full of poverty but is also very dangerous for the tourists and visitors for the trading purposes. The mortality rates if infants are also very high and diseases like HIV/AIDS rate are very high in this region as well.

4. Zimbabwe


GDP per capita: $441.15

There are a variety of natural resources present in this country but due to the immense corruption and poor management the country is now willing to trade all such resources.

3. Burundi


GDP per capita: $648.01

In the country of Burundi, for people the main problem is health section, they have no uncontaminated drinking water and they have many hazardous diseases and complications like AIDS, HIV etc.

2. Niger


GDP per capita: $394.78

Lack of education and poor living are the major reason of the poverty of this country, also health problems are also there including many dangerous infectious diseases.

1. Eritrea


GDP per capita: $196.63

Though mining of gold, copper, potash, granite and marble are major sources of income but average income is $556 per person and also the education rate is low that is the most common factor for the poverty of the country.