Top Ten Most Expensive IPhone Apps

Top Ten Most Expensive IPhone AppsApple iPhone app store is most famous for its cheap and free of cost apps. Due to this most of the games and other apps are available for 99 cents or even less than that. But, there are still many people who prefer downloading apps that cost hundreds of dollars as they are of much good quality and offer more features than those free of cost apps. There are plenty of expensive apps in apple iPhone app store but top ten most expensive ones are:

VIP Black (cost: 1000 dollars)

VIP Black

This app is also known as The Millionaire App. This app is one of the world’s first first-class regimes whose sole purpose is to classify the lifestyle of rich people.  People who use this app get special advances but they have to prove that they own more than one million dollars as a part of their overall assets.

BarMax CA (cost: 1000 dollars)

BarMax CA

The purpose and aim of this particular application is to provide relevant knowledge to the people. This app has been manufactured by a pass out law student and contains knowledge and data on almost all the topics from round the world.

Agro (cost: 1000 dollars)


Agro is an app made specifically for purposes of agriculture and helps its buyers to prepare and harvest foods that are healthy and good for wellbeing.

MobiGage NDI (cost: 1000 dollars)

MobiGage NDI

For the manufacturing of auto parts and ensembles, this iOS app has been created. This app is particularly used for connecting users with northern digital industrial management system.

Alpha Trader (cost: 1000 dollars)

Alpha Trader

This is a stock trading app which is specifically made to be used by the people who are in stock marketing business. This app is used for getting information about common assets and gives variation in stock rates according to that.

The Alchemist SMS (cost: 1000 dollars)

The Alchemist SMS

The Alchemist SMS is not a personalized app but here SMS stands for scrap management system. It is basically a utility app which is sued for assisting people in scrap industry to create and manufacture gold by reduction of its overall cost.

DDS GP Yes (cost: 500 dollars)


This app is designed to create a sort of awareness among the users regarding good dental hygiene. The company that developed this app is a professional dental organization to give information about dental health care.

Mighty Base Pro (cost: 499.9 dollars)

Mighty Base Pro

Mighty Base Pro is an app which has been made specially for inter network operating systems and is designed again to induce good dental customs among people.

Tap Menu (cost: 350 dollars)

Tap Menu

It is a picture based application that helps its buyers to style and makes their own menu. It is now being used at many famous restaurants, five star hotels and public eating places.

Barcelona VS Madrid (cost: 350 dollars)

Barcelona VS Madrid

The rivalry of both these teams has been known for years. Therefore this app has been launched for the fans of both these teams. This app is made with strong features and graphics in order to strengthen the support of the fans of these teams.

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