Top Ten Manufacturers in Afghanistan In 2017

Top Ten Manufacturers in Afghanistan In 2017Afghanistan is counted as a poor and under-developed country, almost everyone is aware of the financial and economic crisis they are going through. However, Afghanistan has survived well despite of all these hurdles. Thanks to the Afghanistan manufacturers, who are working day and night to improve their average income per day. These companies are although not millionaires or billionaires but they are still keeping the economy of their country under control and satisfactory. The top ten manufacturers of Afghanistan in 2017 are as followed!

The Alokozay Group of Companies

Afghanistan manufacturer

AGC is an important ISO certified international FMCG corporation famous for manufacturing an expanded array of FMCG merchandises such as tea and coffee, soft drinks, biscuits and potato chips, cleaners, baby maintenance goods and a wide variety of other private care goods.

Safi Group of Companies


Safi Group of Companies is cohesive manure and agro compounds manufacturing firm with a solid management squad and current supervision. They work for bonus production expressed in first-class products dispensation and trade, well organized management and logistics.
Afghanistan beverage industry limited
Their visualization is to manufacture high eminence goods to revive and nutritionally augment every customer throughout Afghanistan and to fabricate good quality water & nonalcoholic drinks at the lowest conceivable cost securing reasonable charges, and to vie in all groups.

Abshar pharma – Afghanistan


Their core job is trade in of medications along with medical apparatus and beautifying products but recently they have decided to import other stuff than drugs so now they are bringing in the food and energy beverages so they can start an alternative industry soon.

Habib Gulzar Non-Alcoholic Beverages Ltd


Habib Gulzar group is a well distinguished commercial family of Afghanistan and is doing trade since 1940. Habib Gulzar group is nationwide supplier of diverse multinational companies together with Toyota, tadalafil Phillip Morris, Japan Tobacco, Continental Biscuits and Kraft.

Momin Oil Industries


Momin Oil Industry functions as an ultra-modern firm of art plant for manufacturing of eatable oil, amalgamation plant for emollients, and plastic can manufacture entity with the most up-to-date equipment situated well in Jebel Ali Free Zone.

Spinzar Cotton Company


The Spinzar Cotton Company, located in Kunduz, northern Afghanistan, has subdivisions all over the state. In pre-war Afghanistan it was amongst the domain’s biggest benefactors of cotton. This corporation has also manufactured ceramic goods and run extravagant inns and cinemas.



Afghanpharma has been recognized for the excellence of its merchandises and facilities and has received a decent standing as the chief provider of a wide variety of medications, medical apparatus, research laboratory and healthcare goods as well as consumables.

Ameer Afghan Pharmaceutical Industry

Ameer Afghan Pharmaceutical Industry also known as AAPI initiated its money-making manufacture during 2005.

The corporation is presently involved in the manufacture and stock of different kinds of vivacious and required medications to the local marketplace of Afghanistan.



It is the home of the realm’s most prominent Afghan Vanilla Ice Cream. Arman’s handiworks artiste super quality ice creams, dairy free fruit frosts and frozen yogurt are the most famous items of this company.

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