Top ten most influential women of the world in 2015

6.hillary clinton

Gone are the days, when the symbol of power, strength and influence was associated with man. In the recent past years, women have proven their position and status to be no less from man. This trend has been followed not only within a specific area but all around the globe. In the list of extraordinary icons and leaders, women have made their positions clear with their contribution and achievements. In 2015, there are those talented and powerful women showing their respective efforts in a great many fields.

Angela Merkel

Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel.

Consistently grabbing the spot of most influential woman of the world, this lady is unprecedented in her trade. Former research scientist is now 8th Chancellor of Germany and has been served as an activist in Christian Democratic Union. After Margaret Thatcher, Angela is the first lady to become president of the European Council. Some intellectuals have described her as de facto leaders of European Union.

Janet Yellen


A leading American economist, Janet Yellen served as vice chairman of Federal Reserve Board of Governors since 2010. She continued this position until she proved her talent to become the first lady to be chairman of the board. Forbes have always positioned her in the ranking of influential women of the world for her uncountable achievements.

Melinda Gates

3.melinda gates

The wife of one of the richest and most powerful persons around the globe, and the co founder of Bill and Melinda Gates, needs no further praise or introduction. Melinda Gates, being wife of Bill Gates is a big name but also she has individually earned her position by her talent and smart intelligence. She has been awarded a number of titles for her own efforts and achievements.

Dilma Rousseff

4.dilma rousseff

The first woman to hold the office of president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff is the next influential and powerful lady on our list making the feminist proud all over the world. Following a tough and interesting background, it is known that Dilma has also visited jail for her part against military dictatorship. This makes her an exception and an example for all.

Christine Lagarde

5.christine lagarde

The most elegant and highly talented woman that next shows up on our list is Christine Lagarde. She has been the managing director of International Monetary Fund in the past and made her name renowned from her position. She has been a remarkable French lawyer and first chairman of international law firm, Baker and McKenzie.

Hillary Clinton

6.hillary clinton

The former US Secretary of State, US Senator and First Lady of the United States, none other than Hillary Clinton, appears to have gained a huge reputation and influence all over the world. She is also famous for being wife of Bill Clinton and making her achievements in Democratic presidential nomination. The charming and highly influential lady sets an example for being a woman of power.

Mary Barra

7.mary barra

Mary Teresa Barra is the CEO of General Motors, a big name in automakers’ world. Prior to this position, she also served as Executive Vice President of Global Product Development and Supply Chain at GM motors. She is the first woman to achieve the title of CEO of an Automaker company.

Michelle Obama

8.michelle obama

The name itself is an influence and symbolizing power as for being the wife of the current president of United States of America, Barrack Obama. But her own achievements are also remarkable in regard with her occupation being a lawyer and author; she has become a role model and fashion icon for women around the world.

Sheryl Sandberg


In the list of technology executives, one can never neglect the name of Sheryl Sandberg. She has proven herself in the field of technology with her mastered skill and is now a perfectionist in this trade. The pretty lady has served her contribution at Google for a considerable and now she is Chief Operating Officer of Facebook. The exception in her case is the young age that hives her a unique position.

Virginia Rometty

10.virginia rometty

Last we have a successful American business executive woman, Virginia Rometty. She has now become the CEO of one of the leading companies of the world, IBM. She has been consistently appearing in the lists and ranking of most influential or powerful women of the world as in Fortune magazine, Forbes and Bloomberg market’s magazine.