Top Ten Famous Sportsmen Who Died At Young Age

Philip Hughes

Death is one of the hardest realities of the life of human being which is to be believed by every other person belonging to any profession or any field of life. That is something which can not be avoided anyhow. There are mysterious and shocking deaths of athletes natural or accidental that took place in every era of different fields of sports like cricket, basketball, football, boxing and other sports as well. Here we have a list of ten players who died at a very young age while playing or by suffering a natural disease resulting their death.

Antonio Puerta


Antonio Jose Puerta, one of the most famous football players from Spain, leads our list. Played as a midfielder, Antonio Puerta started his career by joining club Sevilla FC and appeared 5times for U-21’s. On 25th august during a match he collapsed and lost consciousness, and was already dead by the time he reached hospital

Korie Stringer


He was an American football player and part of Minnesota Vikings in 1955. He was one big name to have dead at such a young age but suffered from heat stroke and passed away while a training session at the age of 27.

Mark Vivien Foe


While playing for his national side at FIFA Confederations Cup semifinal suffered cardiac arrest in the second half of the game and was announced dead at the stadium, on 26th June 2003 at the age of 28. He was also involved in other leagues like profile English premier league

Ayrton Senna


Brazillian formula 1 driver Ayrton died at a young age, while leading a race he speed clash in the wall which left him severely injured. Despite being transferred to hospital immediately via helicopter he could not survive his injuries and passed away after 10years of his very successful career in 1944.

Darryl Kile

Darryl Kile

He was one best baseball player of his time playing for American major league. Known for his sharp big breaking curve ball, he died at a very young age of 33 as a result of coronary disease on 22nd June 2002 in Chicago. He was an active player who died during regular seasons since 1979.

Raggie Lewis


Being a famous American basketball player, suffered a heart attack during a practice session which left him dead at the age of 27 on 27th July 1993. This is one shocking news for NBA as he was one of the most active player of the league and was serving the club since 1987.

Duk Koo Kim


One big athlete player who came from south Korea and had a remarkable record until he was punched from an opponent which knocked him out in a way that he went into coma but never recovered and passed away at young age of 27 on 8th jam 1955.

PAT Tillman


He was one American hero. He was very established and experienced and was in NFL for three seasons. He became a victim to a friendly fire and died at the age of 27 in 2004.

Len Bias


He played for all American college, basketball forward at university of Mary land. It was very unfortunate of him to die at such a young age of 22 on 19th June 1986 after suffering a cardiac arrest induced by cocaine overdose.

Philips Hughes


One of the most recent deaths in the history of cricket was the sudden death of Philips Hughes from the team Australia which shocked every cricket fan. On 25th November 2014 he was knocked unconscious by a bouncer from another Australian player during a Sheffield match in Sydney. He went in to coma but could not survive and passed away 2days before his birthday, on 27th November 2014.