Top Ten Most Expensive Universities In 2015 of chicago

Education, regarding profession and high qualification is all the way associated with the degree and the institute you select for your studies. In today’s world of competition, every single mate runs after getting best of the quality education and doing from better to outstanding academic activities. This is concerned with a need of good professional colleges and universities, able to provide the education and awareness up to the mark. But the fact is that the better the standard of education, the more expensive the studies would be. Following this trend, there are some great names worldwide that provide some quality education and environment to its students. These universities are somehow the best but also the most expensive ones.

10. California institute of technology

10.california institute of technology

The first name in our list is California Institute of Technology, located in Pasadena east California in USA. It is one of the most famous universities and students from all around the world dream of getting entry to such place for higher studies. It is a private university mainly focusing on engineering and technology departments.

9. University of Oxford: of oxford

One of the most familiar and renowned names in the ranking of best universities of the world, yes the next one we have is University of Oxford. It is the oldest university in the world and also a highly expensive research center. Providing quality education since its inception is the benchmark of this university and students are eager to get inside at any cost. Cambridge University was once a part of Oxford.

8. Stanford University

8.stanford university

Here comes another American university located in California which is the most prestigious and expensive at the same time. We have Stanford University next on our list. It is famous for its private research center and has been producing best research papers since beginning. There are many affiliated schools and colleges providing quality education in association with the name of Stanford. Taking a degree from Stanford university has been and is an honor for life.

7. Harvard University

7.harvard university

Harvard University is another big name in the list of some prestigious, renowned and expensive universities. Located in Massachusetts, it has been serving its quality education since 1638. Students make an aim to get admission in Harvard University. There are number of scholarships that this university provides to its students from all around the world. There are millions of students in all sectors who have been serving in their respective fields, of Harvard University.

6. Massachusetts Institute of Technology


When it comes to the standard and quality of education, one can never neglect the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA. It is one of the most expensive institutes of the world with a great number of facilities and fields regarding the professional studies. There are scholarships and other incentives and facilities for its students not only of US but from all over the world. The best area of education that is covered under this institute is engineering technology.

5. Princeton University


Starting from Princeton College of New Jersey Cambridge, the Princeton University came into being, providing best academic facilities and education to its students. Best faculty members are the pride of this university. It is also a private research center and also offers number of extra courses for students.

4. University of Cambridge of ccambridge

One of the most English speaking universities of the world, the next expensive university we have is University of Cambridge. We can notice this university as the first one from United Kingdom. It is mainly affiliated with the University of Oxford, since it was once a part of it. Some famous personalities in different fields are qualified from this university that shows its worth and standard.

3. Imperial College London

3.imperial college london

It is a public sector institute and located in east London. It is the most expensive institute of the world as it is public sector research institute. It is ranked on 3rd number in the list of most expensive universities of the world. With its best education system, it is considered as the best choice of the students who can afford the high expenses easily. Many renowned successful personalities have been a part of this university.

2. University of California of california

Having the expertise in research department, University of California is one of the most authentic and best research institutes in the world. It is on second spot on the list of expensive universities of the world because of its high standard of education and researches. the research area is usually under science, agriculture, art and technology. There is a huge count of students graduated from this university and doing jobs in big industries and markets of the world.

1. University of Chicago of chicago

The University that tops the list of expensive universities of the world is none other than University of Chicago. It is also a private research institute of Chicago in US. It is a highly ranked university for its best services and having a large number of subjects in all fields. Many scholarship programs are offered yearly for the convenience of the students. The research of this institute becomes standard at times all over the world.

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