Top Ten Countries to Buy Souvenirs in 2015


Many people today are tired of same postcards and boring snow globes and are more fascinated in buying up the most amazing yet unique souvenirs from all around the world with a little bit of creativity and fondness. The top ten countries by souvenirs may include the following:

10. Pakistan:


The traditional open air bazars of Pakistan are renowned for their gorgeous and beautiful shawls, coats, poshaks, handmade pottery and embroided bed sheets that reflect the culture and people here and are among the best souvenirs to collect.

9. Brazil:


Havaianas, cachaça, moqueca pots are some of the most famous souvenirs to get from Brazil while touring and traveling. They are fun items and can be purchased from anywhere in the country.

8. Paris:


We all know that Paris is famous for its many souvenirs among which the macaroons are the most celebrated and delicious treats to buy. Macaroons are meringue-based desserts with jam, butter cream, or ganache placed between two biscuits and are easily accessible.

7. India:


India is famous for its unique souvenirs for instance a marble miniature version of the Taj Mahal or other things like a vase or jewelery box. These marble materials and items are handmade and are very cheap in price.

6. Argentina:


This country is world prominent for all the leather goods that are available in the market. You can purchase many diverse mementos and still get something exclusive to this country. With this exceptional souvenir, there is exactly a little for each person.

5. Spain:


When you are traveling to Spain does not forget to buy the decorative fans that are available here. This souvenir can be a very good addition to the home and are easy to pick up.

4. South Africa:

South Africa

When it comes to talking about the gifts from this country, Vuvuzelas are the most popular among all. It is a delightful memento because it is very exclusive to South Africa. Attempt to bargain some ornamental vuvuzelas because they come in diverse sizes and colors so you will have a wide variability to pick from.

3. Florence:


This country is famous for its paper work so despite of being the oddest souvenir among all make sure you get the handmade paper goods from Florence and gift tem to your friends and family.

2. Japan:


Daruma Doll is the sign of luck and good charm in Japan and thus is also a wonderful souvenir to keep when here.

1. Qatar:


Some of the most prevalent gifts from Qatar are toy camels, dates and jewellery. You can catch inordinate gift items at Mathaf and the Museum of Islamic Art. They vend jewellery, silk gowns, vases and photo books, as well as some idiosyncratic items as well.