Top Ten Blacklisted Influential Afghans In 2017

Blacklisted afghansAfghanistan is, no doubts, one of the most beautiful, mineral enriched, and humblest countries when it comes to the afghans living there. However, we live in a state of world where everything is controversial for something or the other and here is a list of controversial icons who are considered to be blacklisted due to the international cases attached to them. The top ten blacklisted influential Afghans in 2017 are as followed.

Hassan Izz-Al-Din

hassan-izz-al-din blacklisted

Hasan Izz-Al-Din is a suspected affiliate of Hezbollah. He is presently coveted by the United States management for his participation in the hijacking of TWA Flight 847. Incentive of 5 million dollars is at present being offered for evidence leading to his capture and sentence.

Abdul Rahman Yasin

abdul-rahman-yasin blacklisted

Abdul Rahman Yasin assisted bombers to make the ammos for use in the 1993 World Trade Center outbreak. He has been described in the American newspapers as the sole contributor in the first attempt to blow up the World Trade Center in 1993 who was never captured by the police.

Ali Saed Bin Ali El-Hoorie


He is assumed to be a fellow of the Hizballah Al-Hijaz which is headed by Al-Mughassil. This group is one of a number of linked Hezbollah establishments working in, Kuwait Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Bahrain, among other countries.

Ibrahim Salih Mohammed Al-Yacoub


He is being hunted by the governmental authorities of United States in link with the attacks of June 25, 1996 on the Khobar Towers compound adjacent to Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. Al Yacoub is also suspected to be an associate of the pro-Iran Saudi organization called Hizballah.

Ayman al-Zawahiri


He is the present leader of al-Qaeda and is also an existing supporter and high-ranking official of Islamist groups which have composed and supported out attacks in Middle East, Asia and Africa. U.S State Department is proposing a US$25 million prize for data that may lead them to his capture.

Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah6-abdullah-ahmed-abdullah

Abdullah is one of the 22 original participants on the list of Federal Bureau of Investigation of Blacklisted Bombers. The Department of state, through the prizes for justice, is posing the money around US$5 million for evidence on the whereabouts of Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah.

Jamal Ahmad Mohammad Al Badawi


He is condemned of serving the plan of 2000 USS Cole bombing, which slayed 17 American mariners on October 12. Having escaped two times from Yemen jail, once since his demise verdict was issued, al-Bedawi is now at large, and is being pursued as a blacklisted fugitive.

Jaber A. Elbaneh


He is considered as an alleged extremist by the United States after it appeared that he had joined al-Farooq together with the Lackawanna Six, and continued on at the campsite after they reverted home. He is connected to Susan Elbaneh, the only American target of a bombing attack against the U.S. Embassy.

Ramadan Shalah

ramadan-shalah afghan

Besides corresponding PIJ participants, he has unproven participation in racketeering actions for the international terrorist groups. Shalah is being coveted for planning schemes to conduct an array of criminal activities such as terror campaign, homicides, blackmailing, and money laundering.

Husayn Muhammad al-Umari


He is accountable for alleged part in the shelling of Pan Am Flight 830, while it was on its way from Japan to Hawaii. He is thought to have organized the explosive that was positioned under a seat, resulting in the decease of a 16-year-old traveler and wounding of 16 other passengers.

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