Top Ten Biggest Online Markets in 2015


There are millions of online shopping and marketing service providers that offer you selling your products and shop online with the best comfort zones you can have. The trend of online selling and buying has grown to such an extent that people usually prefer to choose online markets over regular ones. There are some giants in the list of online market that have been revolutionizing online shopping trends for a long time and providing best customer services in this regard.

A list of ten biggest online marketplaces of the world is given according to the world’s ranking:



The one we can call the biggest and the most popular online market is it provides the best options to sell your items online with auction or predetermined value of the product. Being the biggest store, it provides help in promoting your business and offers biggest potential exposure. It features online sales that provide a uniqueness and boast the market trends.


Amazon is yet another renowned name on the list we have. It provides an option to show up your catalog presenting your business products with appropriate selling prices. To gain best credibility, you can get associated with amazon having your brand reached to a level of recognition. The services provided by amazon are Amazon Web stores and Amazon Fulfillment.

3. Yahoo! shopping shopping

Yahoo is a prominent name in any perspective if coming to think of online service providers. The online shopping service of yahoo lets you sell your items and get them noticed in the market with valuable outcomes. This is not as big as eBay or amazon since it is not primarily an e-commerce market.



The next name we have on our list is none other than which specifies its best services in number of areas. It offers such auctions and fixed price sales that are generally at lower fees relative to eBay or amazon.



If you are interested in designing and creative kind of work and make your own goods then is best suitable for you. You can design posters, t-shirts, print on demand books DVDs according to the need and order based shopping as well.


For all those handcraft lovers, here is the market that provides you help in promoting your handmade woven or knitted goods and get them sold at best possible prices. It is becoming more worthy since people have now an awareness to earn their fortunes from the creativity inside them.

7. Alibaba is never behind considering the world’s online market. It provides a venture to present your stuff and get it listed on the website. The customer is provided with its characteristics and prices with all varieties and promotion of your goods become a need.



The best online market place for local selling and shopping is with best services to get your goods noticed and highlighted in the market. It collects listings from across the web and repackages them for the third party user like MySpace classifieds.



On 8th spot, we have got Ecarter on our list to market online. Ecarter in some way is the smaller version of EBay and has got the similarities just other than existing at a small scale. The service is all free to sell your product in the market. You just have to pay if you want a favorable specific position to place your brand.

10. Rakuten


This Japanese website is a famous online store for customers and sellers and is frequently visited due to its best services and convenience. You can put your stuff on sale or auction to get customers attracted to buy your good.