Top Ten Art Galleries In UAE

Abu Dhabi Art Hub

UAE is no doubt one of the best and most promising cultural hubs of the entire world, as it is, there are a number of art galleries and museums that are rapidly becoming a part of the middle east world. The finest art galleries of UAE are as followed.

10. N2N Gallery:

N2N Gallery

It is a new comer to the Abu Dhabi’s art galleries and has a collection of greatest and awe inspiring art and balances monument, graphic art and canvases in a surprising merging between pragmatism and innovativeness.

9. Etihad Modern Art Gallery:

Etihad Modern Art Gallery

Etihad Modern Art Gallery is among the most dynamic art galleries that are located in United Arab Emirates and should not be missed while visiting the top most venues of the cities. the gallery cabinets the works of applauded, but also embryonic worldwide and regional entertainers such as Ufuc Kobas and Khalid Al Najjad etc.

8. Gallery One:

Gallery One

It is definitely a major cultural landmark venue of UAE and has already displayed the work of many noble artists of the history like Picasso, Cezanne, Pollock and Mondrian but majorly focus on the art closely related to the religion.

7. The Third Line:

The Third Line

The Third Line is a Dubai founded art gallery that epitomizes contemporary Middle Eastern artists in the vicinity, county-wide and intercontinentally. The Third Line also congregations non-profit, substitute programs to increase attention and negotiation in the region.

6. Courtyard Gallery:

Courtyard Gallery

The Courtyard Gallery endorses worldwide art while dedicating itself to reassure well-known and unindustrialized present-day artists from the Middle East through discrete and group demonstrations and exhibitions.

5. Museum of Islamic Art:

Museum of Islamic Art

It comprises of the most affectionate and impressive collection of the artwork and they are according to the traditional styles and uniqueness that are hard to find in any other museum or galleria of the world.

4. National Museum of Qatar:

National Museum of Qatar

This museum has not yet opened for the public but has already become the attraction for the people living in Doha and Qatar. The fact that the building will be poised of an unconventional series of tilting, intertwining discs of varying size, clad with sand-colored concrete is enough to make people curious about it.

3. Abu Dhabi Art Hub:

Abu Dhabi Art Hub

The major goals for the Abu Dhabi Art Hub is to live, create and exhibit which is why it act as a podium for communication and multicultural artistic interactions between coast-to-coast, regional and international artists.

2. MATHAF – Arab Museum of Modern Art:

MATHAF - Arab Museum of Modern Art

It is a masterpiece of the modern as well as contemporary art for the people of Arab who love sculptures and museums. The MATHAF also has a perpetual assortment of artworks from the early 1840s to the existent day, and promote the indulgent of Arab art through discussions, sermons and scholarship packages.

1. VCUQatar:


The VCUQatar has recognized itself as a midpoint of fineness for teaching and investigation in art and enterprise and a part of its self-importance is the university’s arcade, where the work of exhilarating intercontinental artistes is obtainable to the community.

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