Top 20 Sites in India in 2012

TOP SITES IN INDIAOut of all the countries that have still a long way to become developed ones, Its India that has found to utilize all the opportunities that the global changes in the world are offering. India has been showing it phenomenal performance in every field of life. Whether it’s the World Cup or Olympics, Indian are proving their talents, making their country proud. According to the latest statistics, The country has been taking a keen interest in developing strong grounds in the field related to information Technology. While we see that Indian bloggers are enjoying huge online earnings, these are the top 20 sites of India that are followed by the Indians, the most.

1) Google India



Alexa Rank: 12

Google is smart enough to be followed in every country, city, district, and house. Google offers a customized search engine page for every country, giving more priority to the local searches. With a global rank 12, the site is the most viewed site in India, i.e on rank #1.

2) Google

Alexa Rank: 1

Without any doubt! Google is the leading website, ranking #1 according to the global statistics. This search engine is a must have feature in the lives now.

3) Facebook


Alexa Rank: 2

As expected, Facebook is the most popular website after Google with a global ranking of 2. The site is doing really good in all the countries where it is one of the top 5 most visited websites. This Social Media has turned into a social necessity where people find themselves connected to each other in the best way.

4) YouTube


Alexa Ranking: 3

The only place where every aspect of your world turns in to a video! YouTube stands on number 4 in India.

5) Yahoo!


Alexa Ranking: 4

Yahoo! Has succeeded in proving itself as the best mail service provider, where the feature of Yahoo groups is becoming a major reason that organizations and communities are joining their hands with Yahoo! It is ranked 4 in India too.



Alexa Ranking: 72

India is becoming a leading nation when it comes to judging bloggers for their blogs. Blogspot is a dedicated site where new bloggers can start their career with, and its ranking in India is enough to judge how blogging is taken in the country as a career to be chosen.

7) Wikipedia


Alexa Ranking: 6

Just like Google, Wikipedia is another platform which is facilitating the users the most when it comes to searching about anything-what so ever! It is a free encyclopedia with having an eagle’s eye on every single move world takes.

8) LinkedIn


Alexa Ranking: 13

A great networking site for finding jobs and connecting people

9) googleusercontent


Alexa Ranking: 27

It is ranked on number 9 in India.

10) Indiatimes


Alexa Ranking: 139

It is a popular medium for Indian news provider sharing news stories and latest information.

11) Twitter


Alexa Ranking: 8

Being more popular in western countries, Twitter still survived to make its position on number 11 I India. This Social networking Website is giving a good competition to Facebook. Let’s see what changes we come across in coming days in between these two social media.

12) India Ltd.


Alexa Ranking: 205

This site provides online portal services with free e-mails been offered.



Alexa Ranking: 19

Another example of how much popular blogging is in India. Like Blogger, WordPress is a platform where the bloggers can start their blogs with custom templates and designs that are an added feature of WordPress



Alexa Ranking: 64

It is an Ad serving company.



Alexa Ranking: 46

Google powered Weblog publishing tool, has turned really huge with the gradual trend been set, promoting blogging as a career.

16) Babylon


Alexa Ranking: 30

This interactive tool provides you with a dictionary and additional information on words found in searches and websites.



Alexa Ranking: 326

Flipkart is a leading destination for online shopping in India.

18) Windows Live


Alexa Ranking: 7

There was a time when Windows live search engine’s ratings were even better than that of Yahoo today; however, due to some policies and flop promotional techniques, Windows live ranks 18 on the list with a global rank of 7.



Alexa Ranking: 426 is India’s No. 1 job site providing numerous opportunities to its members to get a hold on a job that suits them the most.



Alexa Ranking: 122 comes finally on the 20th position.

So we this, it comes to an end, hope you find it interesting to know about the most visited sites in India, Share your Views,


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