Top 15 Richest TV Actresses in 2013!

Alyson HanniganWhether you are business oriented sole or a fun loving lad, there is one thing common in all of you and that is the levels of curiosity to learn about how much exactly your favorite TV celebrities are earning. Fair enough. Acting is turning into field that brings a huge payback no matter how and for what people are affiliated to. Here are 15 richest TV actresses according to the latest rankings leaked.Have a look!

1)Sofia Vergara

Total Earnings: $19 million

It’s not an overnight success in her case, the Columbian native has been working for more than 17 years but seems like 2012 has really bought the luck, fame and eminent endorsements. In 2012 she get endorsed with diet Pepsi, Cover Girl, state farm, Comcast, etc, following her three major roles in movies. You might find her on and off at her clothing line which she recently started with Kmart that definitely bought her the figures and fame.

2)Kim Kardashian

Total Earnings: $18 million

Kim Kardashian

Media frenzy ensued when Kardashian filed for divorce right after the three weeks of grant over-the-top four hour wedding on 9 October, 2011. Surely this has made her to land on cover pages of more than 63 magazines and media has totally secured her image that is why she ended up signing $30 million deal with EI for three more seasons of Keeping Up With The Kardashian. If you are getting a chance to visit Las Vegas, Missing DASH, a Kardishian Khaos is like you missed the best outfit for the party by her.

3)Eva Longoria

Total Earnings: $15 million

eva longoria

You must have seen her pretty pink face during your tea breaks in commercials of L’Oreal Paris and Pepsi but surely you know her better than anyone if you are following Desperate Housewives. Recently the eight-season has got their hands onto the final episode and like all other female cast-mates she ended up pulling $375,000.

4) Bethenny Frankel

Total Earnings: $12 million

Bethenny Frankel

‘Bethenny Ever After’ the bravo reality show continues to be hitting the ratings and every week a million viewers just love to see juggling motherhood and marriage and building her ‘Skinny Girl’ empire but this didn’t slow her entrepreneurial roll down. Bethenny Frankel, the multi hyphenated reality star, beloved by countless fans for being outrageously funny and always giving it to straight, three times New York Times bestselling author now makes her frictions debut with story of Faith Brightsone, Skinnydipping deserves hours by you. The story is definitely going to leave you with the words, ‘wow’.

5) Khloe Kardashian Odom

Total Earnings: $11 million

hpnotiq harmonie 020812

The other cousin from Kardashian family is also its break out star, she is the EI’s favorite of 2012 and people just love to see her in the three more seasons of Keeping up with the Kardashians. With her sisters in hand she, she opened a new location of the trendy family boutique ‘Dash’ in Manhattan.

6)Tina Fey

Total Earning: $11 million


The new turn for ’30 Rock’ has finally bump in earnings for the cast. The show went onto the tracks of comedy central and WGN America that has pulled in 4.5 million viewers weekly! She was praised and picked up awards for her work as the series’ castor and star.

7) Mariska Hargitay

Total Earning: $10 million


Law & Order: Special Victims unit, has smoothly hitting the ratings as this show delves into dark side of New York underworld as the detectives, the unit, a squad of NYPD detectives investigate sexual related crimes, this investigation has pulled 53 million users each week and it is because of her marvelous and outrageous genius mind she was rewarded with EMMY and Golden Globes award. After working for twelve years in SVU she has founded her own, The Joyful Heart Foundation to confront childhood sexual abuse.

8) Zooey Deschanel

Total Earning: $9 million

Zooey Deschanel

Media frenzy ensued and her finances were splashed all over the gossip pages right after her divorce and thereby Apple and Rimmel London has engaged with her and made her a well-to-do single girl. She launched, a website for women. The site currently has 1.5 million daily unique and recently linked partnerships.

9) Ellen Pompeo

Total Earning: $9 million

Ellen Pompeo

The desperate Housewives actress has pulled in a star on the show. She took home on estimate $8 million for the Emmy awards-winning role of Lynetta Scavo, the perfect housewife in her final season Wisteria Lane Huffman. She has launched her own production company, Calamity Jane, which has sold its first project to ABC.

10) Kate Walsh

Total Earning: $9 million

Starting as an intern and then moving on as a resident in Gray’s Anatomy, she pulled in one of the highest per episode salaries, $275,000 in eight season show and surly she deserves it. Like her fragrances, Boyfriend and Billionaire Boyfriend who pulled in more than $2.5 million in sales, Private Practice, the Gray’s Anatomy worth a watch because recently Walsh, Dr. Addison Shepard, took home $275, 000 on episode on its latest season. You will be soon going to see her in The Perks of Being a Wallflower alongside Emma Watson and Paul Rudd this fall.

11) Teri Hatcher

Total Earnings: $8 million

You must have heard about Susan Mayer, if you haven’t then check out the eight season of Desperate Housewives, you are surely going to love her. She also had quite prominent episodes in four episodes of ABC Family series Jane By Design and is currently filming a coming age comedy in Mexico City, titled I Brake For Gringos.

12) Kaley Cuoco

Total Earnings: $8 million

Member of comedy family The Big Bang Theory earns about $250,000 an episode. She is one of the actress who is earning from rerun of her episodes too

14) Alyson Hannigan

Total Earnings: $7 million

Alyson Hannigan

The star of How I Met Your Mother have proved her worth in recent years. Winning or being nominated for almost all the tv awards category she is one of the most talented tv actress viewers have ever seen.

15) Marg Helgenberger

Total Earnings: $7 million

The top earner of all time and one of the CSI family members is earning a huge chunk of $450,000 per episode makes her one of the top earning celebrities.

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