Top 10 Richest Organizations of Afghanistan – 2012

richest organizations of AfghanistanOne of the top poorest countries of the World, Afghanistan, does not need any introduction to state the economic crisis in the country. What people might not know is the fact that almost 70% of the Afghanis are living with less than $2 income per day.

It’s a pity that we often forget the real heroes of the country who have worked for the welfare of the nation and have provided facilities, contributing in the overall economy of Afghanistan.

To highlight them, here are the top 10 richest and popular Organizations of Afghanistan.

1) Safi Group of Companies

A dedicatedly nation- oriented Afghani Business House, Safi Group of Companies is biggest organization in terms of wealth, popularity and business in Afghanistan.safi

Safi Group of Companies are privileged to have the biggest business in the market with their several companies, which include Safi brothers, safi airways, kabul city center, Shaista cooking oil, safi construction company, Safi dry fruits exports, Petrol and diesel pump stations, etc.

2 ) Alakozay Company

Alokozay, at times spelled Alakozay ,is the second biggest company after Safi, in terms of Business in Afghanistan. This Company produces and distributes wide range of products and services such as Alokozay tea, Alokozay ghee & oil and Gas etc. and different Cigarettes such as PINE, 88, Pleasure Light, ESSE etc.


3) Azizi Hotak Group

Azizi Hotak General Trading group is owned by Azizi Bank Chairman and Promoter Mr. Mirwais Azizi the citizen of Afghanistan. Azizi Hotak Group is main importer of LPG, the main supplier of diesel fuel, gasoline and jet fuel (TC1) in Afghanistan having largest storage tanks and petrol pumps in Afghanistan. Aside from oil and gas, Azizi Hotak is also a dispenser of Nissan vehicles, Goodyear Tires and Swatch Group watches.azizi group

4) Kam Airways of Kamgar

Kam Air is an airline headquartered in Kabul, Afghanistan. It operates scheduled domestic passenger services and regional international services. Its main base is Kabul International Airport.

5 ) Najeeb zarab Limited

Najeeb Zarab Limited has its corporate office in Kabul, Dubai, and Pakistan its one of the leading & recognized Afghan private company in the sector of trade and industry in Afghanistan, Najeeb Zarab Limited imports the highest quality products and durable goods to Afghanistan for his consumers from many renowned world manufacturing companies, distributing the goods throughout the country.\

najeeb zarab

6) Habib Gulzar Non-Alcoholic Beverages Ltd

Habib Gulzar Non-Alcoholic Beverages Ltd is a drinks producer in Afghanistan. Moreover this company has become the first business to start producing Coca-Cola in the country. It has have an experience of 40 years of success and plays a significant role in contributing to the economy of Afghanistan.


7) Momin Oil Industries

Momin Oil Industry was established in the year 1910 and started as a trading company in Afghanistan dealing with items such as dry fruits, tea, textiles, spices etc.

Today Momin Oil Industry operates as an ultra modern state of art refinery for Edible oil, blending plant for lubricants, and Plastic Can manufacturing unit with the latest machinery located strategically in Jebel Ali Free Zone.

momin oil

8) Afghan Wireless (AWCC)

Afghan Wireless (AWCC) is a cellular network provider in Afghanistan, established by Ehsan Bayat. It is a joint venture business between Telephone Systems International in the United States and the Afghan Ministry of Communications. Afghan Wireless signed a 15 year-contract with the Afghan Ministry of Communications, which has a 20% stake in Afghan Wireless. The company provides GSM services in the four major cities of Afghanistan.

ehsan bayat

9) Hamed Baba Ltd

Hamed Baba Ltd is among the top importer and distributor of World Brands in Afghanistan and was established in 1980s. It is one of diversified companies with leadership of the nation’s edible oil, soft drinks, dairies, non-carbonated beverages and bakery industries.

10) Barakat group

Barakat Company Ltd is the leading dealer of agricultural machinery and communal equipment in Afghanistan. It’s the Barakat Company that has got the privilege of being the Sole Distributor of Kia Motors in Afghanistan.


Establishing a successful business in favorable conditions is not really an achievement as compared to those who work day and night, all surrounded with life threats.hats off to these real Heroes who are working for their people, providing the basic products to meet up the trends of world.

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  1. سلام و عرض ادب واحترام دوست ارجمند و همكاران محترم

    مادر خصوص فروش مشتقات نفتي عراق بدونه واسطه و مستقيم با فروشنده در ارتباط هستيم ودر حال حاضر بيشتر بار به هرات ارسال مي شود دفتر شركت در پيرانشهر كه همرز با كردستان عراق مي باشد وبا خيلي از دوستان افغانستان بار فرستاديم و شرايط فروش ما معرفي صراف يعني يك صراف در پيرانشهر يا استان يا در دبي خريداررا تضمين كند بعدآ بارگيري و با سي مر ايراني به نام خريدار و روئيت صراف پول پرداخت مي شود قيمت اعلام شده از طرف ما واقعي و بدونه واسطه است گازوئيل ليموئي رنگ و شفاف وبدونه هيچ تغيير رنگ و دانسته 810 به بالا
    خريدار محترم در صورت تمايل مي توانند براي ديدن از مخازن و مراحل توليد تشريف و از پالايشگاه ديدن فرمايندالبته در خصوص ارسال با سربرگ شركت با عرض معذرت من مشهد هستم
    با اميد به خدا و موفقيت در كنار دوستان با ايمان

    اگر باز سوالي بود با كمال ميل پذيرا هستيم

    با تشكر فراوان

    قيمت گازوئيل تحويل هرات امروز 970دلار
    البته ميشه قيمت مناسب تر دادولي بستگي به شرايط تسويه دارد


  2. Daudzai Group is on atleast top 5 your missing it
    Azizi Petrol Pump Stations Now Belong To Daudzai Group and they have atleast 400 Million $ in Azizi Bank
    And Habib Gulzar is 10 Times Richer Then Najeeb Zarab
    And Also Your Missing Haji Azim Who Owns More Then 1000 Bullet Proof Cars.
    His Monthly Income Is More 6 Million $ From These Cars Only

    If you Compare these all Alokozay is the most richest person in Afghanistan
    Because all of these are domestic Businessmen and Alokozay works in more then 56 countries

  3. I think your research is full of flaws.. On top of the list should be Alokozay Group with 80% market share of tobacco market and their recent Pepsi plant in addition to Alokozay tea which is only Afghan multinational brand, petroleum, etc The list should be as below:

    1. Alokozay Group –
    2. Habib Gulzar – coke factory, tobacco JTI and PM
    3. Safi
    4. Daudzai group made multi millions in army contracts

    • Get a life! If Alokozay had real money there so
      Called Pepsi would be open by now! It’s all drug
      Money! Cheap men leave there wife in Pakistan
      And womanizer abroad foreign counties saying there doing
      Business! All Kucci’s are beghairat sell there wife and daughters
      For money!

  4. I don’t know if anyone has heard but Jalil
    Alokozay who married a Afghan girl secretly
    After 8 years of Marraige and when wife was pregnant 2nd baby boy got remarried
    secretly. And the beghairat still won’t admit to the 2nd marriage even though whole family
    Confirms it. This is a Pashton, a Hazarbuz? Tofee nalat! He bought the poor 2nd wife with
    Money and gold and bechara doesn’t know his married with 2 sons in the US.

  5. If Alokozay had money don’t you think they would
    put Televisions commercials? Like Habib Gulzar, it’s
    all a name. They becoming poor putting there properties
    for rent…. Beware of the Alokozay brothers all married
    trying to trick Afghan, Pakistani girls into having affairs with
    them using there cheap grandfathers name…

  6. Fuck you all bastered who talk rubbish against
    alokozay. Habib gulzar. Najeeb zarab.
    They are only the kings of Afghanistan. Even though world wide.
    Hazarbuz are they real Muslims and business of the world.
    Proud to be Afghan. Because hazarbuz belongs to Afghanistan.
    World wide all hazarbuz rule on.

  7. Hazarbuz are the kings of the world.
    Proud to be Afghan because hazarbuz belongs to Afghanistan.
    Not only
    Najeeb zarab
    Habib gulzar
    JK international ltd
    aimal Sahar ltd
    Sadiq bahar ltd.
    AL Afzal International ltd. etc etc etc
    1500 above hazarbuz are multi millioner trillioner ., they are the only nation having pride
    Respect name world wide.
    We are proud that we are Afghan because hazarbuz belongs to Afghanistan.

  8. HuH!!!!!! I see so many arguments and comments over money makers…some of them say they are pride to the country…some of them says they are the kings while Non of them pay proper tax to this nation as i know dem all personaly…when they pay proper taxes over their imports and incomes then I’ personally would consider them as Heroes or whatever. Their tax and contribution to the government can lead to feed our Army etc.

  9. I m so sad to see such rude words. But please don’t blame each other just maintain the dignity and don’t reply to illiterate people and we have to keep on our business stay touched to Islam forever.

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