Top 10 Richest Democrats of the world in 2013

richest democrats of world in 2013There are few fields that bring money with them in anyway and politics is surely one of the few ones. Becoming a politician always doesn’t mean that you talk of becoming a prime minister or a president, in fact once done with your studies in political science and bureaucracy, you can always get your hands on a respectable position, making decisions for you state and playing your part in its welfare.

We did share a rich list of politicians but here is something more motivating  and interesting. Here are the top 10 richest democrats of the world according to the stats revealed in 2013 with their net worth and amazing secrets of life and profession.

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1)Jane Harman

Net Worth: $151 – 435 million


Jane Harman, National expert at the nexus of security, is the member of the Democratic Party and the former U.S Representative for California’s 36th congressional district received her law degree from Harvard Law School. She was one of the many who supported the Iraq war and served on all major security committees, armed services, Intelligence, Home land security. Marriage to Sydney Harmon, undersecretary of department of commerce, provided her with quite bit of money, he sold his company, Harmon Kardon, to Beatrice Foods for over $100 million.

2)Teresa Heinz Kerry

Net Worth: $200 million


The widow of the former U.S Senator H. John Heinz III and the wife of the current U.S Secretary, John Kerry, seconded the wealth of HJ Heinz Company and money walk through the door when she became the chair of Heinz Endowments and the Heinz Family Philanthropist. She is currently profiting from the sales as it is documented, the $23 billion sales of Heinz valued $72.50 a share, which is 20% higher than the previous sales. She is also a successful businesswoman contributing to her growing net worth.

3)John Kerry

Net Worth: $194 million


Who could forget the U.S elections of 2004 when he was the nominee against the George W. Bush, of the Democratic Party to claim the chair of President, but unfortunately he lost the battle. The current wealthiest Secretary of U.S, served as a United States Senator from 1985-2013, is also a chairman of Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He belongs to one of the wealthiest families listed in Forbes and is beneficiary of at-least four trusts inherited from Forbes Family members. It was estimated that he would have been the third-richest President in history if Kerry and Heinz, his second wife, did not signed prenuptial agreement that keep their assets separate.

4)Al Gore

Net Worth: $100 million


Al Gore, the most famous and diversified American politician, who was the 45th Vice President of United States from 1993-2001 has got his hands into everything. He is currently the chairman of Generation Investment Management, Current TV which is an independent cable and satellite television news and information network. He is the senior advisor of Google and the member of Board of Directors of Apple Inc. How could we imagine having a list without him when the man has left no way to let the money in? He is also the author of the bestsellers, Earth in the Balance, The Assault on the reason are few of his best writings.

5)Mark Warner

Net Worth:$76 million


The man has a quality of leadership since his teenage group as he was the class president for three years at Rockville High School and today he is Senator of United States from the Commonwealth of Virginia. He founded Venture capital firm and so he is an early investor in various technology companies. Warner is also involved into winemaking and farming at his Rappahannock bend farm, where he grows 15 acres of grapes for Ingleside Vineyards.

6)Victoria Reggie Kennedy

Net Worth: $60 million


The second wife and widow of U.S Senator Ted Kennedy, evolve into a family that was constantly involved into politics and campaign. She belongs to a wealthy family from the beginning due to her mother’s family interest in the Bunny Bread Baking and also said to be successor of husband’s wealth that made her land on the list.

7)Arlen Specter

Net Worth: $30 million


Mr. Specter, who was 82 years old died in 2012 at his home in Philadelphia. He was the magnate of discussions of many of the Senate’s of most divisive legal battles. Over the years his net worth stayed constant by serving as a judge, Politician and Assistant District Attorney.

8)Nancy Pelosi

Net Worth: $26.4 million

APTOPIX Pelosi Election

It is hard to find somebody who works on strengthening America’s middle class people and still has a rapid rise of wealth of her own from $20 million to a huge $35.2 million. She is the 60th speaker of United States House of representatives and the Minority leader and to date is the highest-ranking female politicians and first women, the first Italian-American, the first Californian to lead a major party in progress. An estimate increase of $60 million has been observed between 2004-2010, primarily came from commercial real estate holdings of her husband.

9)Hillary Clinton

Net Worth: $21.5 million


Previously she was the first female United State Senator for New York under Barack Obama and today 67th United State Secretary of State and tomorrow she is expecting to be the presidential candidate. She is one of the wealthiest in Cabinet; she is married to former 42nd United States President, Bill Clinton. Her net worth is four times that of Obama, making her among the wealthiest cabinet members. Her wealth primarily comes from two JP Morgan accounts which together worth between $10 and $50 million.

10)Shelley Berkley

Net Worth: $8.4 million


She is a member of a democratic party. She has made investment in real estate business with her husband, who is a nephrologist by profession. They own two properties in Pahrump and two down houses on Capitol Hill Washington.

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