Top Rated Facebook Cover Photos–All in One Place!

MY COVERFacebook users took long to coop up with Facebook timeline after hating it to a great extend and now they are actually enjoying the features that Facebook timeline has brought with it. Facebook Cover Photos have provided a unique way to the users to customize their profile according to their moods. apart from the profile picture, now the users can upload their pictures as cover photos too.  but as these cover photos are visible to public, people, especially girls prefer to keep cover photos showing their interests.

Here are my most favorite Facebook Cover Photos that you can share with your friends  and become trendy.

How to set Cover Photo?

Save the Facebook cover on your desktop.

1) Then login to your Facebook account and click on your name on the left. This should   take you to your timeline page.

2) Click on “Add a Cover” on the right top of the page. If you don’t see it, just roll over your current cover and the “Add a Cover” button should show up.

3)Click on “Upload Photo” in the drop down box.

4)When the file box pops up, find the photo on your desktop and click open.

5)The Facebook cover will show up on your page and then click “Save Changes”.

cover1 -SEM

cover_2 SEM

cover 3 - SEM









cover 6 -SEM









cover 9 - SEM



















9 thoughts on “Top Rated Facebook Cover Photos–All in One Place!”

  1. hey Sara;
    I am personally in favor of timeline as it gives a catchy look to the profiles. however , i discourage it for only one reason that the cover photos have no privacy available. therefore uploading personal pictures as a cover photo might turn out to be a little too hazardous for health!

  2. Hello Nida, i want to tell you that your website theme is very ugly, it doesn’t suit your website. Please tell mohammad to change the theme of the website. I can see that you are using genesis framework. Browse to to select a good theme. Website like can also provide you a googd theme. From my side, it is better to change your website theme, as it will attract your visitors.

    • hi Himanshu,
      we are really thankful to you for leaving a feedback , along with some useful tips. I will convey your message to Mr. Mustafa and we will see if the team agreed for it, you guys will see a change! 🙂

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