Top 10 Most Promising Companies Of America

Top 10  Most Promising Companies Of AmericaWe recently shared with you, the best cities to search a job in. If You observe closely, you will notice that all these cities are located in the United States of America. Once the city has been decided, now it’s the time to make the job search more precise. Considering the statistics that are revealed by Manhattan research and Forbes, Here are the top 10 most revenue generating companies of America that are more likely to pay you really good once you make your way to them.

1. ServiceNow

Annual revenue :$93 million

The company been established in 2004, is functional as a Web-based, virtual IT service desk for corporations. The Marquee customers include Johnson & Johnson, Barclay’s and PriceWaterhouseCoopers. So if You are related to IT in anyway, this is a must approach company with an annual revenue up to $ 93 Million.


Annual revenue : $55 million

The Industry is hit largely with the development in the IT world. BOKO is the company that creates software for online merchants process payments using a customer’s cell phone number in place of a credit card, making money by cutting some percent of each transaction. The major customers are Facebook and Electronic Arts.

3. Popchips

Annual revenue :$45.7 million

Whether you are a Businessman or a school going boy, one thing that remains static throughout a life is the love for Potato ships. Popchips are known for their uniqueness as they low fats in fried potato chips. The company is a result of an entrepreneurship with several other ventures like  coffee chain.

4. Smashburger

Annual revenue : $39.4 million

Smashburger owns  131 fast food restaurants that are widely spread in United States. The chain is now planning to expand their growth by opening outlets in Canada and Middle East. The company also owns a private equity of $20 Million, further making a strong base.

5. SecondMarket

Annual revenue : $37 million

This company provides an electronic exchange for $30 billion worth of hard-to-trade assets, including shares of privately held companies , restricted shares in public companies, collateralized debt obligations, auction-rate securities and bankruptcy claims.  The company enjoys high popularity along with a huge annual revenue.

6. Virtual Instruments

Annual revenue : $23.5 million

The Company is working as software and Hardware sellers, providing the services to large organizations like  Wells Fargo, Unilever and eBay.

7. uSamp

Annual revenue :$22.7 million

We have been sharing valuable content on Online Surveys, Here is an example of it. uSamp is the company, making online-survey software  with a network of 6.5 million respondents globally in its stable.

8. Digital Broadcasting Group

Annual revenue :$21.3 million

The Name speaks itself here. This company produces online videos, also offering marketing for  entertainments,corporations. The most popular customers include Wal-Mart Stores, American Express, Coca-Cola and Ford.

9. Implantable Provider Group

Annual revenue :$19.6 million

The company works like a middleman. It buys medical implants , gives them to hospitals and collects reimbursement from insurance carriers directly. The Company enjoys a good business throughout the year because both the hospitals and the insurance carriers find it easy to minimize their work by sharing some revenue with companies like this.

10. Allonhill

Annual revenue :$19.3 million

The company is working as an auditing organization, that audits individual residential mortgage loan files for institutions that buy or sell mortgage-backed securities.  The company has an annual revenue more than $19 Millions, that is really huge when compared to the countries owning same domain.

That was all for now, we will come up with new top 10 series soon to make money making easier, introducing new ways to choose the most profitable career for you!

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