Top Online Money Making FRAUDS in Pakistan – 2012

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Pakistan is a Third World Country and Pakistanis are facing complications in every single way to earn their livings. The inflation rate in Pakistan was last reported at 10.1 percent in January of these situations, where unemployment climbs sky high rates, many people are looking for alternatives like money making online.

At the same time, it’s a fact that internet has opened new ways for its potential deservers to make dollars. Things like Blogging, advertisements, Google AdSense really work, as discussed in my post 8 best ways to make money from home in 2012.But, on the other hand, many people get themselves caught up in a web deceptions spun by scammers. According to study claims, Pakistan is on top of the list in cyber financial crimes.

What Attracts the Most?

Technology has given a rise to shortcuts for sure, and people are now finding ways to make money from their living rooms, with comfortable sittings at home. All they need to start it is a computer and an internet connection. But there are scammers utilizing the desire of people and have found ways to make quick money. Every day you get an unending stream of mails offering you thousands of unbelieving benefits at the cost of very little part of your earnings, like selling things in half of the prices, etc. with the enhancement of technology, scammers are inventing new tactics on people who want to get benefits via internet money making facilities.

In Pakistan, scamming has reached new heights and now you can see such offers, openly in news papers even.

A clip from a Sunday newspaper:

fake ads.

These scammers play with the weak point of people. Those who are jobless and pick up the newspaper to search jobs of their kind; they see these scams and opt for trying the luck.

Here are a few examples of how these scammers bring traffic to their business. And I m sure you must have come across such things in your life too if you are living in Pakistan.

Making Money through Free Registration!

Have you ever heard of defunct This website claimed to be an advertising agency having connections with various companies of Pakistan. They used tempt people with the concept of offering free cash by offering money to display ads on websites and blogs even if they received zero traffic.

They attracted people by offering a free registration. They offered different packages, with the expensive ones offering more money to host ads on your blog. it sounds weird, isn’t it? But people fall for this and they managed to gain around 4 million rupees in the space of one month, before shutting down. Thousands of people lost money and when the fraud was reported, they just disappeared with all the money.

Trapping with Adsense:

Google Adsense is referred to as the online moneymaking machine. If you have interesting content to share, it will pay you for that. And Blogs with high traffic are generating considerable amounts of money through Adsense as well.

The Scammers however didn’t leave this opportunity too. Trapping in the name of Adsense has become a popular way to commit fraud with those who just know AdSense’s name and nothing about the proper channel. Many people rely on their false claims of having fake checks received from Google, and offer information on how others can do the same by visiting a specific site or signing up with a program which costs money or it could just be a link to earn the scammer in question some money.

Scammers use a variety of skills to get your mind, like:

  • Claiming to increase Adsense earnings, after every two months.
  • Offering golden keywords to generate more traffic and clicks. But Google itself offers these lists to aid the process.

Presenting Attractive Slogans


i heard in my childhood that no wealth comes without hard work and surprisingly, when the world has changed drastically, this statement still stands firm!

I wonder how people fall for their prey, believing on such slogans in which they offer up to 30,000 Rs for working only a few hours a day using Adsense, or their other traps. The community that helps these scammers earn the most is our jobless fellows. I wish they use their brains inspite of trying their lucks in such silly offers!

Google Adsense Verified Account in Rs 500/-adsense frauds

If you have a Google Adsense account, you must be familiar with the procedure of getting one. And we know that it’s not so easy. It now requires unique content, your own domain, and that your blog be older than 6 months to get an account .Google has complicated the process of obtaining an Adsense account mainly because of such scamming.

Exploiters are again enjoying this part of internet too. They are now offering a Verified Adsense account. This is limit. Isn’t it?

Online Shopping Scams

your earning- wastedThroughout my experience in searching about the traditions to make money online, I have come across an online trading way. In which you buy or you sell, in both ways, you earn a great deal. Websites like and few other big names are reliable but again, the exploiters didn’t let this go. There are many sites that offer you free home delivery of the goods they offer you by displaying the pictures on their WebPages. Now, when life is getting too busy, e-commerce is gaining the most. These websites ask you to pay through your credit cards for those products and promise to make the delivery the next day. People often place their orders on such sites and suffer. Suffer in two Ways:online frauds

· Either the product never reaches them

· Or even if they get a courier, they, then realize this was not what they could have even expected.

So, as a piece of advice, kindly research before falling for such offers!

I, Being a Victim!

Yes, me too. Like all other fellows, I fall for it once. It happened through the advertisements these scammers give in the newspaper. I read something very similar as quoted in the clip above. They offered a data entry job from home, working only about 4 hours, through which one could earn up to Rs 12000/-, I being a student thought to increase my pocket money and contacted few of them and actually visited one. I believed that it can not be a scam else they would not have given such an open advertisement in such a reputed newspaper.

Anyway, i went to their office with my mum, the location sucked big time and meeting the owner was further a disappointment. They told me that all what I will have to do is to register myself paying Rs 700/- for package 1, Rs 1000/- for package 2 or Rs. 1600/- for the grand Package first of all to get a username and password. (I was so silly to hear all that even).i was scammed Next what they told me was the nature of my Job. I had to type the captchas for them. 10,000 captchas in a month was what offered in package 1. I questioned them what are they getting in return of this, so they had their script ready and replied with “big companies do not have time to type these captchas for the millions of sites they are linked to, so they give this task to small companies like us to save their time”.. God! Who can not fall for them? When I asked about the paying methodology, they presented that in such a difficult way that I was not able to understand what was actually happening. According to what I understood that moment was that I will be getting Rs. 12000/- for this. Before I could think, they gave me a user name and a password, asking me to pay Rs. 700/- which I did!

When I came home, I thought, calculated and figured out that it was a FRAUD! They were just paying Rs 1200/- for all this, and God Knows whether they pay that even or not. The Next day I went there again to quit this idiotic act of mine. In the beginning they were not ready to return my money but after getting pressurized, they returned Rs.500/- and I had a loss of Rs.200/-.!

I shared my experience with you all to spread this awareness among you guys, kindly do not indulge yourselves in finding short cuts.Internet offer you ways to Earn Money Online but even for that you need skills and Hard work!dnt become a victim


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  1. vow that’s a pretty informative post. An eye opener really. Crime is not limited to the streets anymore :(. People find every possible way to extort money from the others :”(

  2. Something v.similar happened to me too.., getting victimized by fraud add..!! Really v.informative post for people who wants to earn money on-line (to beware of frauds), cause there is nothing crystal clear in this World. Really great to see this Post, at-least some people are doing this good work for awareness against frauds.. Worth sharing one.

      • My Pleasure. Actually there are lots of Blogs, Posts and Websites regarding Easy On-Line money making and such topics like that, but there are v.few regarding precautionary measures in that line. Really appreciate that you shared your personal experience in order to make people realize that it actually happens and are not just wordly things. Keep the Good Work Continue…

    • thanks alot for sharing,
      i mentioned that in my post as well that not ALL the sites can be blamed, however i have been living example of such things which are actually happening in the market. you have to be keen enough to invest your time in a right place.

  3. Very nice article, worth reading. Do tell ppl about how they can work on internet and wt knowledge they should have.

  4. It is important to know what to look for
    as well as what to avoid. When you are doing your homework or for that
    matter are doing any task or activity, you would not think about
    it too much while doing it. Keeping in touch with the studies is no doubt important for
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