Top 10 Latest Tech-Gadgets Of March–2012 !


For many companies, 2012 has turned into the most productive year and with the start of March, some incredible  stuff has been launched in the market.they marketers are expecting some great business from these most awaited products and

here are the top 10 Latest Techs that have been revealed to the Market just in a week!

10. Infiniti Emerg-E


This stylish Infiniti Emerg-e electric sports car is all set for a March 6 inauguration. It works similarly to the Chevy Volt, with a battery-powered electric motor accompanied by a gasoline-fueled, range-extending engine.

9. iPad mini


Apple’s iPad with its incredible features are ruling the market today and now Apple is planning to release the iPad mini version of this outstanding PC tablet, along with the release of iPad 3 in mid 2012. Apple has ordered samples of 7.85-inch screens with the same 1024×768 resolution as the current version of the iPad from AU Optronics and LG Display.

8. British Super-Coaster


The Swarm, a 62-mph roller coaster under construction at Thorpe Park in Surrey, UK, is so fast that testing dummies lost arms and legs in a trial run. It’s set to take its first paying passengers on March 15.

7. HTC One X


According to Mashable’s Stan Schroeder, “the fastest Android handset we’ve ever held in our hands.” At the Mobile World Conference (MWC) this week, HTC rolled out some appealing smart phones, but the best was the HTC One X. This ultra-thin and beautiful Android handset is highly appreciated in the market. In spite of its big screen it’s amazingly light.

6. Startram


Startram is a mass driver. Startram would use magnets to push a spacecraft up to 20,000 miles an hour in such an 80-mile-long tube, catapulting it into space. Then, a slight correction with small rocket engines would place that vessel, carrying 35 tons of cargo, securely in Earth orbit.

5. Samsung Flexible OLED Display


OLED is a new display technology. Using light-emitting organic materials, beautiful and efficient displays can be created. OLEDs are very thin, and can be placed on flexible materials, and that makes them bendable and as these are not made up of glass, they are durable too!

4. Windows 8 Consumer Preview


Windows has always kept itself active in stimulating the tech-world and with no other doubt; Windows 8 is another up till now, more than 1 million people downloaded the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. The feedback is great and consumers are finding it superb. Know more about Windows 8.

3. 24-Hour Cupcake ATM

cupcake atm

Los Angeles has been blessed to satisfy its people for their mid -night cupcake cravings with the world’s first cupcake ATM. where any time of day or night is a good time to partake of such appetizing delights. The store calls it as the “world’s first cupcake automat” and has officially announced that they will dispense not only cupcakes, but also mixes, apparel, and given it will be located in Beverly Hills.

2. ASUS Transformer Pad 300


People are confused to choose in between their laptops and tablets, but if you have the Asus Transformer Pad 300, you don’t need both! just like its Android-packing Eee Pad transformer brethren, the tablet is cheaper, that is only $399, though it’s made up of plastic instead of aluminum.

One of its most exciting Features is the horsepower under its hood. It’s extremely fast and efficient as based on Nvidia’s quad-core Tegra 3 processor.

1. Tron Lightcycle – now on Sale!


On number 1, we have Tron Lightcycle. Unlike the other lightcycle that was powered by a Suzuki four-stroke engine, this one is an electric bike powered by custom lithium ion batteries. The vehicle on offer was designed by Parker Brother Choppers donated by Evolve Motorcycles to Charitybuzz . The bike features a handcrafted fiberglass frame and 32-inch hub-less wheels offset by OLED light tape.

The scary-looking crotch rocket guilt-free lightcycle is contributing its share in noble cause and the current bid is $29,000, and all those who have been waiting for an year to get it, can bring one to their garage!

This was all for now, keep your fingers crossed for the upcoming high-tech Gadgets and share your experiences;

All the Best.

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