Top Farmville Tips and Tricks – 2012!

FarmVilleFarmville is one of the most popular Facebook game with millions of active online users. If you ask me, it’s a very addictive game, and once I start playing, I come back every day (which is why I can’t risk starting it again :P). But in the time I’ve played the game, I have learned many things, tips mostly, which I will share today. By applying them, you can become a successful farmer as well!

Now first of all, keep in mind that the whole idea of Farmville is centered around social networking. It’s main concept is to get more and more players to come and play the game via existing gamers. Hence, social interactions are very important in this game. The more people you persuade to join the game, the better it will turn out to be for you. Which brings us to the first, and perhaps the most important point…

Get more neighbors

Call on as many of your friends as you can to join you in Farmville as neighbors.  Neighbors are extremely important in the game (unlike those in the real world :P). Neighbors allow you to unlock farm expansions, bonus crops, large buildings etc.

A good neighbor will also send you gifts, and other necessary stuff, such as bricks, nails, horseshoes, vehicle parts, bushels etc, that you need for building your buildings, orchards, vehicles and other such stuff. And you need these parts constantly in the game.

If your friends aren’t willing, you can always add strangers as neighbors. In fact, finding strangers is easier. Just head over to the Farmville Forum, and post a new thread, requesting people to add you as neighbor and giving your Facebook profile link. Alternatively, you can add other people who have shared their links. Honestly speaking, this method is a bit too good. You will get tonnes of friend requests which might irritate you. Which is why I had to remove my thread after some days. But it’s a very effective methods of getting neighbors.

Get some machinery

Farmville can be hectic, which is the biggest disadvantage of the game. clicking on each individual crop is boring, time-consuming and frustrating, just as in farming in the old days. But luckily, you now have machinery at your disposal. You can buy tractors, harvesters, and seeders for coins. These will let you plow, harvest, or seed 4 plots in a row.

If you upgrade your machinery, you will be able to do more than 4 operations at a time. better yet, get a combine! It is awesome! You can buy a chassis for coins. But you will have to upgrade it with vehicle parts to make it functional. This is where neighbors come in. Ask them for parts, and once done, you will be able to perform at last 12 operations in one click (harvest, plow and seed 4 plots at a time). Further upgrades will increase the operations performed. I have a 4×4 combine which means it can do 48 operations in one click!! Amazing ain’t it? 🙂

Make full use of your time and space

First of all, make way for your fields! Move all trees or buildings to one side. Create new fields wherever possible. The more fields you have, the more crops you can plant, and the more money and experience you will get.

Now, about your timing. Make maximum use of your time. If you planted a 4 or 8 hour crop in one day, don’t think your work for the day is done. All the time your land remains ‘fallow’ (empty), you lose potential income. If you can’t come frequently to your farm, then don’t plant 4 or 8 hour crops. Plant one, or two-day crops, whichever is more convenient for you. Don’t give your land any rest!

Farm Cash

Farm cash is another sort of currency within Farmville that allows you to buy premium stuff. You get one farm cash when you level up. You can buy more through credit card. But I wouldn’t recommend that. Because it’s an addictive game. Once you get the taste of premium stuff, well, good luck paying your credit card bills!

Coins vs XP

Some crops give you more profit, while others just give XP. As you gain XP, you level up and unlock more stuff. So not only do you need coin to buy stuff, you need to have it unlocked as well. Hence, you should buy both kinds of crops. Crop rotation would be a good idea. One day, go for coins. And the next day, go for XP. I will make a post on the most profitable crops very soon!

Getting lots of fuel!

Fuel is as important in Farmville as it is out there in the real world. You need fuel to drive your machinery i.e. tractors, seeders etc. And you will need lots of fuel! Each day, you only get 150 fuel, which is not enough. You need to get a lot of fuel for your farm daily.

For this, you will need a Spa. Get one at the market if you don’t already have one. Once you have it, you can create recipes from the crop bushels that you gather while farming. Each recipe, once made, will go for some amount of fuel. You can get bushels from friends as well, so you won’t always need to grow your own crops.

Now the best part is, you can buy recipes from friends as well! If you have many neighbors, then this shouldn’t be a problem. Other people must be selling their recipes as well. So you can buy off them and trade them for fuel! This is the quickest way for me to get fuel.

Another way to get fuel is to fertilize other people’s crops. You won’t always win some fuel, but odd are that you will.

Farmville mastery

Keep an eye on those stars! Each item, such as crops, animals, trees etc have their own mastery.When you master one, you get some coins and an XP reward, along with a mastery billboard. Challenging yourself to mastering all crops can be fun. And it brings in coin and XP too! The same goes for animals and trees.

Farmville Ribbons

Aside from mastery, you also have Farmville Ribbons. These are challenges that you have to complete, such as harvesting this many trees, planting this many crops, etc. Ribbons bring in a lot of XP. They also bring in coins, especially the higher level ones.

Buy hay bales

Hay bales are cheap! And they give you 5 XP each! Buy as many hay bales as you have room for. This will make you level up quickly. You will also get the Pack Rat Ribbon. Ribbons, as I said, are a great way of gaining XP and coins. Buy as many hay bales as there is room. If you run out of space, delete some and buy more! Buy them until you get the Pack Rat Ribbon.

Fertilize others’ crops

Fertilizing other people’s crops gets you fuel. It also gives you some coins and XP. There are some Ribbons associated with the practice as well. Not only that, you might get the Fertilize All gift. You can use it on your own crops. This is a free way of gaining XP. Fertilized crops give one more XP than usual. So if you have 500 crops that give 3 XP, harvesting them will give you 2000 XP! (500 x (3+1)). You will get an additional 500 XP for plowing those fields again.

Co-op farming

Co-op farming gets you a lot of rewards as well. You can only do this with the help of friends. basically, you and your neighbors work as a team and achieve some set goals, such as harvesting this much of a certain crop etc. The more people, the easier it is. You can either get Gold, Silver, or Bronze medals depending upon how quick you did the job. Be warned though. If any one of your team mates gets slack, the whole project can be jeopardized!

Farmville toolbar and email notifications

The Farmville Toolbar will give you an instant access to your Farmville account. It will also give you an award. You can also sign-up for email notifications. Farmville emails you whenever your crops are ripe. You also get email exclusive free daily fuel!

These were the most common tips I learned. I will be posting about automating Farmville, and also about the most profitable crops. So stay tuned 🙂

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