Top Facebook Themes To Enhance User Experiance!

Facebook themesAre you among the people who , like me, are never satisfied with how their daily used interfaces look? Doesn’t it always become boring after some time? By interface here, I mean the ones you daily use, such as your desktop’s color schemes, your browser’s theme, you blog’s default theme and color schemes (if you have a blog, that is), etc. In specific, I am talking about the Facebook interface that I am sure many of you use daily.

Since the beginning, I have been seeing a blur bar at the top in Facebook. Indeed, over the years, Facebook has changed a little with respect to themes and color schemes. Which makes me wonder; why has there been little change in that area while many other areas have been revolutionized by Facebook? Indeed, the concept of uniformity comes to mind. But then again, users care more about how their interfaces look rather than how uniform they are. In fact, it becomes monotonous very soon.

Which brings us to our main point. What should we do about the rusty old Facebook interface? How to customize it? I mean sure the Timeline view is something new, and a positive change. But that is restricted only to profiles and pages. And the color scheme remains more or less the same, unless someone has a radically contrasting cover photo to go with the layout.

Here, I will show you the top 10 themes that I have found for Facebook. These themes change how Facebook looks to you. They, of course, won’t change how others see Facebook. But to you, it will surely be a new and nice experience. These themes require a plugin called Stylish to be installed prior to use. This plugin is available for all the major browsers such as Chrome and Firefox.

1. Dark Shiny Green Galaxy, transparency

Dark Shiny Gold, transparency

2. Windows Seven Black Edition

Windows Seven Black Edition

3. Dark Shiny Gold, transparency

Dark Shiny Gold, transparency

4. Dark + Transparent

Dark + Transparent

5. Blacked Out [Facebook Dark Theme]

Blacked Out [Facebook Dark Theme]

6. Leopard


(Sorry for the censored stuff, but some thing just can’t be shared publicly :))

7. Windows Green Black Transparent

Windows Green Black Transparent

8. Transformers Ironhide Theme

Transformers Ironhide Theme

9. Dragon


10. Windows XP Gold

Windows XP Gold

That concludes our lists of top themes for Facebook. If you installed any, do let us know how you feel about it! Also tell us about more great themes you may know. Peace 🙂

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