Top 7 Worst Football Players in the World Ever!

Ali-Dia.jpgWe have already discussed a little more than the FIFA craze so far but we still have juicy ingredient to share with you an amazing list of worst Football players in the world who, no matter, despite of their hard work, could not get a huge fan following for their skills in the domain of Football.

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07. Winston Bogarde

Winston Bogarde Worst Football Player

He has not just played for AC Milan but he has been a player of Barcelona as well before his contract with Chelsea in 2000 and so the fact that these transfers and changed managers all the time had great impact on his skills and he was claimed to be one of the worst players of the premier league history.

06. Massimo Taibi

Massimo Taibi Worst Football Player

He is an Italian stopper was only able to take part in four games for united after he was purchased in 4.5 million dollars from Venezia ad even in those four games he played he made lots and lots of errors and goalkeeping blunders making those tournaments his most shocking games ever.

05. Savio Nsereko

Savio Nsereko Worst Football Player

He is known to be the worst signing in the history of premier league and his performance proved that he was not worthy of sending a substantial amount of 9 million dollars by Hammers since he was only able to score three senior goals for Serie B side . He could only take part in one game for West Ham during the season and was terribly failed in scoring any goals in his other substitute appearances.

04. Thomas Brolin

Thomas Brolin Worst Football Player

When he played for Sweden in an international level he was a great player but when he came to England, it seemed like he has no idea how football is played. He was signed for about 4.5 million dollars in 1995 and played for two horrible years at Elland Road including his unnecessary injuries and absences from the games.

03. Bruno Cheyrou

Bruno Cheyrou Worst Football Player

He had no interest in playing with his fellow French international during the time he played for four seasons in Merseyside.

02. Marco Boogers

Marco Boogers Worst Football Player

He was signed because Harry Redknapp thought he will be able to goal in the West Ham but instead he brought a hostile smudge that made him an awful football player.

01. Ali Dia

Ali Dia Worst Football Player

He is one of the most infamous football players and is the worst player in the list and is known to impersonate George Weah to make an entrance in the premier league.

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  1. NO it’s not fare that they are worst footballers ever as u are not looking at their performances in many of the matches and all 7 of these players had also become heroes for there teams and their nation once in their career also. Its completely wrong and totally disrespectful

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