Top 6 Collaboration Tools for Your Business

business collaborationCollaboration is an essential part of any business. Without effective collaboration, there can never be any productive communication in a business that relies upon the combined input of all the people working under it. For the free flow of information, it is necessary that the people working in your business setup communicate and collaborate effectively with each other. This could prevent deadlocks or redundancy, and hence save a lot of time and effort. Businesses these days can employ some great tools and software that can help with the collaboration process. Here are the top 6 collaboration tools for businesses.

1. BaseCamp

Many experts regard this as the leading project management software today. It has a ton of features such as messaging systems, time-tracking, file-sharing, wiki-style documents, and so on. It is also available in a wide range of languages, which makes it so popular.

2. SocialCast

SocialCast is a very powerful micro-blogging tool where people can collaborate with each other in a professional manner and exchange files, ideas, applications, messages, and so on. To that end, it fully integrates Microsoft’s Outlook and SharePoint into a convenient Analytics suite that’s solid and reliable.

3. ProjectManager

As the name suggests, ProjectManager is a place where businesses and individuals can effectively manage and keep track of projects. In fact, it is one of the fastest growing project management services online, and has customers in over 100 countries.

4. Facebook Member pages

What better place to socialize with co-workers than on the world’s largest social network? Facebook is a great way to get things done. Well, ironic as that may sound, it is actually pretty convenient to collaborate over Facebook via closed groups. Businesses, departments, or teams working on a particular project can set up closed groups, and the people working on those projects can share files, ideas, comments, photos, videos, and so on. Believe me, it’s a really easy way to work.

5. Yammer

Yammer is a sort of social networking site for companies. But it isn’t just that. Employees and managers get ideas, files, articles, and more in their feeds. Many consider it as a great tool for cross-company and cross-departmental collaboration.

6. DropBox

Ah yes, the cloud storage collaboration. I could have used Microsoft’s SkyDrive, or Google’s Drive over here, but I think DropBox will help make a better point. It is fast, it is clean, and it is efficient. It is so convenient that once you install it, you’ll start relying upon on in no time at all! I love how you can get extra storage for every referral you make on DropBox, which eliminates the need for you to buy a premium membership. It’s quite simply, a must have tool for team collaboration.

So, what tools are you using for communicating with your groupies? Do tell us about your tools, so that others can be enlightened as well. Stay blessed, and all the best 🙂

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  1. Great list. Another option is Gomeetnow online collaboration tool. It is very easy to use, has no download of any kind and provides better collaboration during webinars, web meetings etc.

  2. One more collaboration tool can be included in this list i.e Proofhub. It is for both project management and collaboration.

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