Top 5 ways to earn money from your twitter accounts!

Twitter = money!Do you have a Twitter account? If no, then what are you waiting for? It’s free! And if yes, why don’t you make use of it and earn some cash through it? Yes! That’s right. You can use your twitter to actually earn money! Twitter originally started off as a micro blogging platform where people could share their thoughts with others without having to actually create a blog for themselves. From then onward, Twitter started growing. Today, with tens of millions of users, it is one of the largest social networking website, and growing fast! It has become much more than a micro-blogging platform. It has become a hub for businesses to advertise their products, celebrities to keep their fans updated about their activities, developers and service providers to provide support to their clients 24/7, and the list goes on.

Make money with twitter!

Hence Twitter is a unified platform for people of similar interests to connect and share their thoughts. If you are already a twitter user, you can start making money from it by following some tips we are going to share in this post. (However, for your earnings to be substantial, you need to have a good numbers of followers. Check out our two posts on Top 25 Ways To Increase Your Twitter Followers – Part 1 and Part 2)

Here is an overview of what we are going to discuss about in this post (organised in decreasing order of effectiveness/importance)

  • Advertising Products
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Paid Reviews
  • Sponsored Advertisements
  • Sponsored Contests

  • Some things to remember

Advertising Products

Advertise productsAdvertising products is one of the best approaches. If you have a sizable number of followers, you can advertise certain products for a price. Get started by contacting local dealers and new websites who want to get out into the market. You can also promote and recommend certain products or services to your followers. The more followers you have, the better chances you have of earning good money. It’s just like putting up ads on a website and getting paid for it. Only, you don’t need a website. Your twitter account can do the job for you.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the next step after advertising. Anyone can look into this area and avail the opportunities it provides. Fortunately, twitter supports it as well. When you recommend a product to your followers, you can always embed a referral link with it (you can embed a link by using services link TinyUrl etc.). The link is provided by your affiliate program Host. It contains information pointing to your affiliate account. So whenever a follower clicks on your link, it is considered as a referral on your behalf, and you will get some percentage of that sale. The amount varies with different affiliate programs.

Affiliate Marketing

For example, if someone is asking your advice on the best web hosting options, you can tell them about the best option available. But to earn some money, you can refer them to your web host via your referral link. That way, your host will get a custom through you, and you will get a small rewed in return. To get a better idea of how affiliate marketing works, read our article on How To Earn Through Hostgator Hosting Affiliate Program.

Tip; You can try selling Twitter applications. Nothing sells faster on twitter than twitter applications.

Paid Reviews

Paid ReviewThis method basically works similar to advertising products. But in this case, you get to review that product first. If you have a decent amount of followers, you can get hired to do a review for a product by the company. They will pay you for reviewing it and then ‘tweeting’ about it. There is a wide range of things you can review. You can review products, services (like SEO or support etc) or people (reviewing how skilled a person is in their field).

Here is a list of some services that pay you for review. They provide other services as well.

Read our article on Top 5 Twitter Affiliate Programs With Highest Commissions per sale to learn more about these services.

Sponsored Advertisements

There isn’t much of a difference between this and direct advertisements. However, you will have to sponsor a product in your tweets and post about it after a fixed number of tweets. They can also be set automatically be set so that the ads get posted after a fixed time interval. In return, you get a predefined amount of money (usually).

Another was is Sponsored Actions. You might have seen tweets like “Re tweet this message and get such and such rewards”. Well that’s not always worthless. All messages and re-tweets can be tracked since the message contains a hash tag. So a winner can be picked from a lucky draw. Hence people can get rewarded for ‘sponsoring’ a company’s message. And in the process, a company or a product or a service gets advertised.

Sponsored Contest

Sponsored Contest - Here is your winner!You can also hold a ‘sponsored’ contest regarding a product or service. You can do this for your own peoducts, or for other advertisers and get paid. Advertisers usually do this to get feedback for people and also to tell people about their brand.

You can also take part in such contests and win cool prizes. All you have to do is, write your feedback or suggestion within 140 characters, and if you have provided the best feedback, then you win money or a prize.

Some things to remember

We have so far discussed some of the ways you can earn money from. But in order to be successful, there are some things you need to keep in mind.

  • Don't be a spammerDon’t be a spammer – Don’t constantly bug people with money-oriented tweets. Don’t keep on advertising. Share fun links as well to keep people interested.
  • Share quality tweetsShare quality posts – Don’t hesitate to share a quality post. It will keep your followers interested and will build a better image of your profile.
  • HandshakeBe friendly – Make and maintain friends. Interact with your followers, and even follow them in return. But be careful of whom you follow. Don’t follow someone with few followers and many ‘following’.

These are some tips you will find useful. We hope you will learn from them and use them to make tweeting a more lucrative practise.

Happy tweeting 🙂

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