Top 5 Ugliest Billionaire Websites in 2014

5 Ugliest Billionaire Website

A website as it is said must be very useful for the customers and should be able to attract the niche which is their targeted audience but some of the rules have been broken by most successful entrepreneurs of the world. The top 5 ugliest billionaire websites combined for the year includes the following, have a look!

05. Warren Buffett (46 Billion Dollars)

Warren Buffett ugliest billionaire website

Berkshire Hathaway is the name of the website owned by Warren Buffet who is not just world’s most popular business magnate, philanthropist and investor as well. This website is associated with the investment services with the market cap of 202.16 billion dollars and has got just one web page so there is no need to be worried about the back as well as home button.

04. Nadhmi Auchi (1.5 Billion Dollars)

Nadhmi Auchi ugliest billionire website

He is an Iraqi British business man and is also the founder of Anglo Arab Organization himself but his website is just a complete outlandish thing because it is all encrusted photo rolls with the color scheming of pearlescent, has enter button for every new page and interminable web charts which are very annoying.

03. Carl Berg (1.1 Billion Dollars)

Carl Berg ugliest billionaire website

Carl berg is an American businessman and is among the richest people in the world according to the list of Forbes but the website for his REIT is very ugly and unappealing. It is merely a maroon colored page and with the links of beneficiary notices which leads you to the PDF formatting styled details.

02. Elon Musk (2.4 Billion Dollars)

Elon Musk ugliest billionaire website

He is a south African American businessman and entrepreneur and is very famous in the entire world for founding spaceX, PayPal and Tesla Motors etc. his website though is a total disappointment for all the people because it doesn’t even have one single web page, instead a list of Musk Foundation Grants is present which comprises of the renewable energy research papers and sponsorship. If you wish to learn more about stuff included in the list, there are no hyperlinks given as well.

01. David Cheriton (1.3 Billion Dollars)

David Cheriton ugliest billionaire website

He is a professor billionaire who wrote the very first check to Google and is among the world’s wealthiest full time academic individual. But even with all this fame and good money his page looks like it has been designed in a very wicked manner and doesn’t match his professor personality but fortunately the page of Department Of Computer Sciences is less belligerent at Stanford.

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