Top 5 Twitter Affiliate Programs With Highest Commisions per sale

Twitter cashIf you have a twitter account with a sizable number of followers, then you can turn those followers into money makers for you! There are lots of opportunities for a twitter user to earn cash through his hours on twitter. In an earlier post, we discussed the Top 5 Ways to Earn Money from Twitter. Today, we shall talk about some of the best websites, affiliate programs, and advertisement services (etc) through which you can earn money.


Adly imageAdly is a great resource of generating income from Twitter. It allows you to Advertise your products as well as Advertise others‘ products. In advertising your product, you have to pay people to tweet about your product.

To earn money through Adly, you can:

  • Advertise others’ products – Tweet about a product and get paid by the advertiser
  • Join the Affiliate Program

To start off, you need to have a large number of followers. The minimum criteria is assumed to be 1,000 followers. Once you have that many followers, you will get approached by advertisers willing to pay you. You will have to tweet about their products in return. While this is a very effective method, it isn’t for newbies who don’t have much followers. Read our article on How To Increase Twitter Followers to help you.

If you don’t have many followers (or even if you do), you can still earn through the Adly Affiliate program. If you refer someone to adly, you will get a 12% share of what they earn through their account! So if you refer someone who turns out to be successful, then you too will share the success, for no extra effort 🙂


make money with TwittadTwittad is where your tweets meet ads!. It is basically an app made out of the twitter API. It has been around for almost 2 years, and was one of the first of its kind back then. Advertisers can benefit by creating customized opt-in campaigns targeting specific audience. Twittad also has a Targeted Tweets model for advertisers to send replies to potential clients who tweet keywords or if the Twitter user is tweeting near their business.

Twitter users can benefit by monetizing their Twitter accounts. You can get a payout even if you have $30 in your account. Like any other service, the more followers you have, the more money you get. However, twittad is a bit strict on whom it selects. You don’t necessarily have to have a large number of followers to join. But you do need to have a quality account. For example, if you are constantly tweeting for the sake of earning money (like adverts in every post etc), then there’s a good chance that you’ll be rejected.


TwitPub is “marketplace made for Twitter so users can buy and sell premium tweets.” It provides excellent opportunities for publishes and users alike. With TwitPub, you can get payouts for up to as high as 80%.TwitPub is also hassle free! It automates access to your Private Twitter account for all your Subscriptions.

TwitPub Introduction: The Marketplace for Premium Content on Twitter


TweetAdderTweetAdder pays you for direct advertisements as well as through their Affiliate Program. Here are some of their cool features!

  • You get $10 as a bonus just for signing up!
  • Earn 50% off your total sales
  • Earn 10% commission for every affiliate sale made by someone referred by you
  • You can receive payouts for a minimum of $50. Payouts are monthly based.
  • Automation adding functionality to your account

Aside from all that, TweetAdder provides you with tools that can help you in advertising and earning money. Examples include software applications, tutorials videos etc.


Revtwt is another great money earning service for twitter. It provides many options and features

RevTxt - Revenue from Tweets!

  • Cost per click – You get paid for each click on your ad. Earn 4 to 20 cents per click. Can be only for audience in targeted countries.
  • Cost per thousand – Placing ads gets you money from advertiser. Your earning is irrespective of the number of clicks. You will need a minimum number of followers specified by your advertiser.
  • Cost per Action – Post links or ads in forums, tweets, posts etc. And whenever people take the prescribed action, like subscribing to an RSS, sharing links etc, you get paid
  • Link shortening tool – Using their link shortening tool, you can post shortened links. Those links, when clicked, show a transition page with ads. You earn money for anyone who clicks on those ads
  • Revtwt Affiliate program is one of the highest paying Affiliate programs. Simply give your friends and followers a referral link. For anyone who joins through you, you get up to 20% commission from the total earning that they make!

We have shared some of the best services out there for twitter users. And we’ll be posting about new options as well. In the meantime, if you have a suggestion, then do let us know! Your feedback is valuable to us!

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