Top 5 most popular TV anchors in Turkey of all Times

popular TV anchors in TurkeyTurkish entertainment industry has recently flourished to great extent where Turkish Dramas and the celebrities have turned into the most desirable ones in this niche. If you have been a Turkish entertainment follower or want to know more about the top 5 most popular anchors who have been contributing in the welfare of the country, you will find all what you have been looking for, all here!

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1) Mehmet Ali Birand

Mehmet Ali Birand popular Turkish Anchor

Born in 1941, in Istanbul, Mehmat started his career in journalism in1964. He joined Millliyet which was one of the most recognized companies of that time. Giving his career its next big turn, he joined Show T and presented news there. He later, also hosted a political show titled as 32nd Day which is still active.

2) Jülide Gülizar

Jülide Gülizar popular Turkish TV anchor

Jülide Gülizar was born in 1929 and was the first female anchor and journalist who rendered her services to the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation. Throughout her career she showed a great performance and finally retired from TRT in 1982 but still continued to host and produces more talk shows.

3) Reha Muhtar

Reha Muhtar popular Turkish TV anchor

Reha Muhtar was first seen as TRT’s reporter from Athens, Greece. He gained more popularity for his Debate Show which was known as Ateş Hattı. He then joined a TV Show because of which he gained his national fame throughout the Turkey. He is now columnist for a Turkish News paper agency known as Vatan.

4) Uğur Dündar

Ugur Dundar popular Turkish Tv anchor

Ugur Dundar is one of those important icons in the media industry of Turkey who have worked really hard to serve the industry with their talent. He is a Turkish anchorman, writer and journalist. Adding more to this, he was also the anchorman of the Star TV. He has also worked as a part of the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation. He dedicated his life to his work and is still activated.

5) Ahmet Vardar

Ahmet Vardar Popular Turkish Anchor

Ahmet Vardar was born in 1937 in Istanbul. He had worked for many news paper agencies. He worked as a Journalist for around 50 years and was a TV presenter. He conducted many talk shows. He died due to Pancreatic Cancer. He is still known for his hard and honest work for his nation.

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