Top 5 Highly Paid Actors of Bollywood – 2012

top 5The biggest industry in India which is now no more limited to the country but ruling the hearts of everyone throughout the world, is the Bollywood industry. Here are the top 5 highly paid Male Actors of Bollywood who are cashing their acting skills to enjoy a great fan following, popularity around the globe and generating a huge revenue.

5. Salman khan

The Dabang Boy, the bodyguard of Indian Cinema, Salman Khan comes on number 5. He has always been one of the most controversial actors who has had been engaged in Arguments, but enjoys a big market value. He is known to charge about 8-10 crores per movie.

salman khan

4. Hrithik Roshan

Starting his Career with Kaho na pyar hai, which was directed by his own dad, made Hrithik, the hottest hunk in no time. Hrithink was fortune enough to land up with great hts in his early career and gave his best performance in movies like Koi Mil gaya, Krrish, Joda Akbar Guzaarish, zindagi na milegi and now Agneepath.. Hrithik takes in approximately 10 crores .

hrithik roshan

3. Shahrukh Khan

The King Khan, Mr. Shahrukh Khan, probably the Biggest celebrity in the subcontinent has always been humble enough to charge less as compared to other top Heroes despite of his popularity and fan Following. He charges around 12 crores for a movie, which is not too expensive to cast a great actor, whose casting in the movie makes the movie hit.


2. Aamir Khan

Although the chocolate boy, Aamir Khan usually appears on screen once or twice a year, this perfectionist of Bollywood gives blockbusters. he charges about 13-14 crores a movie.


1. Akshay Kumar

The Khiladi (Player) of Bollywood took slow moves in his career and now almost all his movie is super hits. He takes home 15 crores per movie.

akshay kumar

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    • he y Haider, now thats what i was waiting for:)
      see you guys are turning up. thanks for correcting, its for sure that you know more about your niche. i just highlighted the forbes lists:)
      thanks alot for sharing

  1. Akshay Kumar is having a bad time. from last 2 years he has done flop movies not super hits. Salman Khan has charged rs 18 crore fro Ready and now he is charging 50 crore per movie.

    Salman Khan is at the top this time.

    Actually actors are not paid the full amount. they r paid some % of their fees and rest they have commission in the profit of the movie.

  2. You Welcome sis …. I just checked the source from where you analyzed the list mentioned above ….. Actually that list does not includes the deep analyze and it is just a rough estimates. And one thing more, don’t think that i m a Salman Khan fan that is why i am correcting :p

  3. Hey ol of my frnds ,,,,,let me correct something here is as my frnd haider is saying above dat salman has paid 50 cr for dabang so its nt 4 dabang only it is a contract of 3 films ,,,,,,,the top most paid actor is akki only becoz he has contract of 72 cr with utv motion picture,,,,i support dis article nd naida 2 nyc post nd totly correct

    • Hi Ankur 🙂
      thanks alot firstly for adding up here. its always a nice feeling when you see people actually supporting your statement and so is the case now. i heard about Sam’s contract for three movies and agree with you here!
      brother Haider, however runs his own blog with this niche and there are equal chances that he is right too 🙂

  4. Aur ganda tym sab ka aata hai salman ko 7 saal lag gaye the ek hit dene mai aur akshay is back wid housefull 2 as his film busniess is 109 cr in india only ,,,,nd waiting 4 rowdy rathore

  5. i lov the king khan of bollywood sir ,,,,,,,,, shahrukh khan ,,,,, i lov you…. I am biggg fan of u maine apki film ….. Kuch kuch hota hy ….. Aik hazar bar daekhi hy pllllllzzzzzzz plzzzz sir giv me aa auto graph plzzz sir?

  6. Absolutely wrong list……Salman has charged Rs 32 crores for Ek Tha Tiger……What is wrong with u

  7. akki is king of king he has given 2 blockbustar in 50 days.and 2 will come this year joker,k786.

  8. everybudy is wrong.

    Dilip Sahab is highest paid actor ever. Jab zyada amount nahi milta tha ya actors monthly salary par kaam krte the tab unhe 1 lakh per movie milte the.


  9. Akshay is the best actor. He is the most versatile actor, he does more comedy and action and there is no doubt that he is the best when it comes to these 2 genres, however, he has done other kind of roles with perfection as well like in Sangharsh, Waqt, Namastey london, Patiala house, ek Rishtaa, Aankhen and do not forget his negative role in Ajnabee, that shocked everyone.

    • i absolutely agree with u Sam, Akki has given hits in all kinds of genres unlike the over rated khans..earlier he was the action kind(khiladi series) and now kind of comedy….moreover hes the only actor who does who his own stunts..and last but not the least he had no godfather or camps to support him.Hes all on his own….Akki rocks

    • Hi ….guy akki no.1 Entertainment , no.1 real actions and no 1 blockbuster movies……………………….i tkink the real of boolywood akki .

  10. I found a lot of fake comment in this article and i m sorry guys I don’t want to hurt any fans but don’t post any fake comment and mislead people please …..:(
    and one thing 50 crore is more than enough for any-any actor of Bollywood .

  11. hey hello all are mantel listen me the number one is non other than salman khan he is the best no one can beat him because no one can get his acting skills do u know nida zaidi that salman khan movie ek tha tiger box office verdict is 200 crore in a weekened and its all verdict is to be gone on 300 crore and js8 waiting for dabang 2 which is absolutely blockbuster …………

  12. Hey um I like akshay n stuff but I never got how he is the highest paid actor??? I mean like yeah his films are hit but aamir,shahrukh, and salman khans films are blockbusters plus they have a greater range of popularity……….can someone Plz explain how is the highest paid actor ? No offense to akshayz die hard fans 🙂 he is a great actor but I’m a shahrukh khan girl 😉

  13. east or west sharuk is best , twinkel twinkel little star sharuk is a super star .sooo every flimy stara & fansa dont keep wit srk or srk fans mind it …..

  14. Salman khan is nw d man wid golden,d film he do turns into a block buster….
    he took 50crore for ek tha tiger,
    and Ramesh taurani has already offer d tiger 100 crore to do a film,whch sher khan has nt accepted as he is nw cncentrating more on hme production to get high profit…so hw he cme 5th,plz do explain me or edit it fo god sake..!!!:-)

  15. Salman khan is nw d man wid golden touch,d film he do turns into a block buster….
    he took 50crore for ek tha tiger,
    and Ramesh taurani has already offer d tiger 100 crore to do a film,whch sher khan has nt accepted as he is nw cncentrating more on hme production to get high profit…so hw he cme 5th,plz do explain me or edit it fo god sake..!!!:-)

  16. Salman is craking now by charging 50crore nw days:::but ajay devgan 2 started a charge of 1 crore per day for shooting..i;e if he takes 2 months 2 finish movie than he cd earn 60 crore which vl b much more than rajnikant

    (He is a great actor and gave 3 idiots which is still highest grosser ( 203 crores ) in bollywood and his remuneration for a movie is approximately 40 crores)
    (He is a record creator , gave blockbusters like dabang , ektha tiger . His remuneration is between 30 to 35 crores )
    ( He is a romantic king and in the past he was the king of bollywood .His remuneration is between 28 to 33 )
    Iam sure of these three .

  18. hi hello all listen to me carefully specially nida zaidi the number one superstar of bollyood is salman khan he is the best best he charge 50 crore per movie plz check it now talk about akshay kumar he gave much flop movies than salman khan and we cannot say that he gave a movie which break records in india and recently he gave super duper flop movie joker and oh my god is not collect good amount on box office, k786 if this movie relese on before 21 dec i think its collect good response wether it relase on after 21 dec it will flop because dabang 2 is relese on 21 dec which break all records now u can give a new ranging amounts and i hope u take salman khanon number 1 give me answer i m waiting for u

    • if salman charges 50 crores per movie how dabang was made with budget of 40 crores
      no actor takes 50 crores . Salman takes only 30 to 35

    • Look Aleeza
      Housefull2 115 crore
      Rowdy rathor 143 crore
      Joker flop
      It was a experiment
      Nd akki don’t go anywhere to pramote it
      Bcoz of clash with its director kunder If akki prmote it then it will be hit
      4th one is omg which will be collecte 85 crore its low budget movie (20 crore) nd only comes in 1200 screen to much less than ETT3400 screen ok
      Nd khiladi 786 is going for blockbuster 1.5 million view in 5 On youtube best of ever nd its music is already blockbuster now
      Like Hookah bar
      Long drive
      Sari sari rat
      Tu hoor pari
      Nd khiladi bhaiya
      Nd your sallu only depend upon holydays
      Dabang on eid
      Bodyguard on eid
      Ek tha tiger on eid nd 15 august
      Nd dabang will on christmas
      Nd sallu don’t have good acting skill
      Only ”BODY” nd ”HAWABAJI” SKILL now
      Looket his comedy in ”hello brother” just one word ”chiii”
      Salman’s brothers r mord good actor than salman.
      I only like
      Salman’s wanted,nd garv nd hm sath sath hai.
      So sallu need to give hit without holywood for proove himself

  19. Yeh sab bakwas bole rahe hai.currently salman khan charges 30cr to 35cr per movie.he is the highest paid actor. Jab kuch pata hi nehi to bina kam ka yeh sab comment q dete ho.

  20. Superstar Akshay Kumar truly deserves very penny her earns and he rightly deserves the title of the highest earner in India. Akshay Kumar is the only superstar who has 4-5 movies releasing every year. Last year he has had
    5 releases yet out of which 3 were being blockbuster( Rowdy Rathore, OMG) , one Khiladi 786 (an hit) and Joker, the only flop. Together his movies earned about 430 crores in India alone. When a superstar does 1 big ticket film the employment generated by that for all directly and indirectly associated with it is tremendous. A lot of people get employment like directors, other actors and actresses,script and story writers, editors, assistants, spotboys, musicians, distributors, exhibitors,
    theatre owners, dance directors and dancers and caterers, extras etc get jobs. And Akshay Kumar
    takes the risk of doing 4-5 big ticket films every year. So he churns the wheels of employment
    and economics in the film industry and hence he is called a Parallel film industry in himself.
    Now with his HariOm Productions catering to commercial cinema and his Grazing Goat Production
    catering to art and meaningful cinema he is straddling so many bastions as a producer , actor
    and superstar. After all these achievement he is still the most humble, punctual, well behaved ,
    down to earth, and disciplined superstar one has ever seen. He is also health conscious,
    sports loving, versatile actor who has mastered comedy, drama, action and what have you….He
    is the ultimate idol for youth and a beacon of hope and aspiration for countless millions in
    India and across the world.Long live Akshay Kumar..May God bless you Akshay Kumar…

  21. Salman and Akshay both are doing well this year. Ektha Tiger and Dabang 2 of Salman and Housefull 2 and Rowdy Rathore of Akshay are the biggest hits this year. s one of dem should be the best actor…

  22. As a leading actor, bst comedian, best action, bst stunt, gud acting nd some time singing also he is doing.. apart from this he is the only actor who gave 2000cr from his all movies.

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