Top 5 Android Apps Bloggers Must Have!

Blogging With AndroidAs you all know, Google’s Android is one of the most popular mobile operating system around. In fact, if not for iPhone, it would have easily been the boss! Although that is not to say iPhone OS is better! It’s a whole big debate as to which is better. So let’s just say Android is one of the market leaders, and leave it at that.

Getting to the point, since Android is so much popular, lots of people now have Android devices. And those people include bloggers. Bloggers need to stay connected not only to their blog and its family (the visitors), but also stay in touch with the latest news, trends, etc. Also, blogging on-the-go can be pretty handy, and you don’t need to fire up your computer each time you need to do something.

Fortunately, Android has a huge app market, with hundreds of thousands of apps available for download. Some of these apps can prove very useful for you if you are a blogger and have an Android device. And if I’m allowed to be so bold, I’d say that you won’ bet a complete blogger (if you have Android, of course) unless you have some of these apps!

With that said, lets look at the top 5 such apps which we think every Android blogger needs to have on their device!

1. WordPress App for Android

WordPress for AndroidWordPress is the most widely used CMS (Content Management System) among bloggers. With this app, you can create, edit, save as drafts, or publish your blog posts. You can also moderate comments and add your own. You can also check out your blog stats on the go! And with the rich text editor functionality, this app lets you manage your blog right from your mobile phone!

WordPress for Android

Click here to Download WordPress App for Android

2. Blogger App for Android

Blogger for AndroidBlogger is another Giant blogging platform used by bloggers. Since Blogger is run by Google, the Blogger App for Android is created by Google itself. It also incorporates all the features of blogging like creating, editing, publishing, and draft saving posts. You can also check out your blog stats directly on this app.

Blogger for Android

Click here to Download Blogger App for Android

3. HootSuite for Android

HootSuiteSocial networking is a vital aspect of a blogger’s life. No blogger is a blogger if he doesn’t socialize on social networks. And for that purpose, a social networking app is a must for such people. HootSuite is the best such free app for Android. It keeps you connected with the most popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter etc. Using this app, you can easily schedule updates, manage campaigns, or even check your click-through stats of your tweets.

HootSuite for Android

Download HootSuite App for Android

4. Google Analytics for Android

Google AnalyticsWho isn’t using Google Analytics for their blogs? If you aren’t, then what have you been doing all this time? Google Analytics is the leader in providing website stats and analytics. And now, with Google Analytics App for Android, checking your website is easier than ever! You can get complete information about your website. Unique visitors, clicks on ads, visitors’ IP addresses and so much more!

Google Analytics for Android

Click here to Download Google Analytics for Android

5. Evernote for Android

One doesn’t simply stare at a computer screen and come up with ideas. For a lot of people (me included), ideas come naturally at random times of the day. That ever happened to you? The best to do in such a situation is to get a pen and paper, and write that point down. That, of course, is the orthodox approach.


With Evernote, you can easily jot down, manage and maintain your ideas and notes. It’s a cloud based app, so you can synchronize your note with your computer or any other devices that you have. You can also take pictures, and create memos. It is the best app of its kind and like the other four, it’s completely free!

Evernote for Android

Download this app now!

6. Photoshop for Android!

I know! The title says 5 apps only. But this one occurred to me while writing this post, and I simply couldn’t skip it!

PhotoshopWhen it comes to adding visual effects to your blog, images are on the front line in your battles for securing more visitors. So naturally, you need to add images to your blog posts. But not every image is perfect for you. You either have to modify an existing one, or create your own. In each case, you will need a good image editing software right on your mobile device. Welcome to Photoshop for Android! It is a great image editing app with various Photoshop tricks like color balance, image adjustments, cropping, editing images etc. The rest of the features are up to you to explore!

Photoshop For Android

Click here to see it for yourself!

All of these are free for you to download and install. If you have any other suggestions, feel free to comment below! Peace 🙂

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