Top 5 Great Alternatives To PayPal

PayPal alternativesPayPal is the most popular eCommerce provider and fund-transfer service that has its roots almost all over the world now. It has become the industry standard for transferring money, But sometimes, everything might not go according to plan with the eCommerce joint. You might have heard about the episode where a Christmas fund-raiser program got jeopardized when Regretsy’s account was frozen. And also, PayPal is banned in some countries, such as Pakistan, Bangladesh etc. So what should people in such countries do? How can they send and receive money without PayPal? Here are the top 5 alternatives top Paypal that’ll make you forget about it altogether 🙂

1. Moneybookers

Moneybookers is a very popular PayPal alternative. It offers almost all the features of its competitors. You can add funds through Credit card, or bank transfer. This money can then be sent anywhere. Just specify the receiver’s email address, and the money will get to them immediately, which they can then withdraw. Simple, and safe.

2. Payza

Payza, formerly AlertPay, is a large payment service provider that operates in more than 197 countries. It supports 22 currencies, has received many awards for its outstanding achievements. You can send money via Credit/Debit cards, Electronic transfer and Money Order/Check. Anti-fraud mechanisms help keep checks and balances. Payza even has it’s own Developer center, where developers can use its APIs and Sandbox to create apps and integrate them with their websites.


3. Western Union

Western Union is perhaps the largest money transfer agency, and the biggest alternative to PayPal. It has been around for many decades, serving as a telegraph company, and now as a fund transfer agency. It has operations in over 200 countries, and has more than 44,000 agents working under it worldwide.

Western Union

4. Payoneer

Payoneer is another great option, especially for freelancers. It makes the transfer of funds really convenient. Most freelancing companies, such as oDesk, Elance, etc are partners of Payoneer. These partners issue the Payoneer MasterCard to the people working with them. When it comes to fund transfer, money is simply sent to the employees’ MasterCard, and it can be withdrawn instantly!


5. Amazon Payments

Amazon Payments allows you to attach a bank account with your Amazon Payments account, much like PayPal. Once done, you will be able to send money to an email address or a phone number, or receive payments in a similar way.

Amazon Payments

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  1. it is difficult to find PAYPAL alternative, most sites prefer PAYPAL, rather credit cards, i never see moneybooker or payza as payment system. western union only available with adsense.

  2. You’re right Quasim, there are quite a few alternatives out there, but I think it still needs some time for them to develop and become as big as paypal. If Paypal continues to use the same policy towards merchants, I think, number of people looking for alternatives will only increase. I am using another payment gateway for while now and I can see it grow.

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