Top 5 Alternatives to Google AdSense

Google AdSense AlternativesGoogle AdSense is a giant when it comes to advertising. For many bloggers, it’s THE advertising network, with a majority of their income coming from AdSense. You might be asking; Why on earth would anyone not want to consider Google AdSense, and go for its alternatives instead? Well, for a lot of people out there, it’s not about ‘what they want’, it’s about ‘what they have’.

Unfortunately, not everyone can get their blogs approved for AdSense. Google have some tough terms and conditions which a normal person (like me) can’t easily understand. Sometimes, advertisers find their accounts banned by Google, which is when the real problem starts. It’s (almost) impossible to get AdSense approved again for the same blog. In these situations, alternatives need to be found.

Google AdSense is not for everyoneHere are some of such alternatives you can use. Honestly speaking, they are not better than Google AdSense. But they are the next best thing you can get. So start thinking about them if you somehow can’t get your AdSense approved.

Top alternatives to Google AdSense

Let me tell you one more thing. Google AdSense places contextual ads on your website/blog, and operates on a CPC (Cost Per Click) basis. This means that ads placed on your website are related to your website/blog niche. And you get paid a certain amount for every click or number of clicks made on your ads. The alternative we are going to mention may have different mode of operations.

1. BuySellAds

BuySellAds is a direct advertisement network. This means you sell ad space on your blog to advertisers. It is one of the largest advertising network of its kind. But it has some restrictions too. You will need to meet the minimum traffic requirements to get approved. BuySellAds will automatically fetch you Google PR and Alexa statistics.


Although BuySellAds is a great alternative, it is also hard to get approved with. Which is why you might want to look at other networks below, or read about Top 5 Alternatives to BuySellAds.

2. Chitika

Chitika is an awesome Ad network, very similar to Google AdSense. It only shows contextual ads, like AdSense. And just like AdSense, it works on a CPC (Cost Per Click) basis. Payment is made through PayPal (minimum payout $10) and Check ($50 minimum). An added feature in Chitika is, it has an in built affiliate program. So if you refer anyone to Chitika, and they make sales, you get a %age of their sales as referral commission. Another great thing about Chitika is, you can use it side by side with Google Adsense. Hence, you can employ multiple means of income.


3. AdBrite

AdBrite is another great advertising option. It operates on a PPC (Pay Per Click) basis.   You get paid on the number of Clicks on each ad. You also have the option of rejecting any ads, which means you can place ads most relevant to your website. With AdBrite, you get as much as 75% of your sales, which is a decent portion compared to what some other programs give you.


You can also customize ads to fit in with your blog template. And the best part is, AdBrite don’t put long and tough terms and conditions. They have a very relaxed minimum traffic requirement. So you can easily get approved.

4. InfoLinks

InfoLinks is an In-line Text Ad Program. It has ads in the form of texts, and not images. Hence, visitors do not get distracted. This form of advertising is best suited for high traffic websites. With InfoLinks, you get a revenue share of 70%. Payment is done through PayPal, Check, Bank Transfer etc.


5. Clicksor

Clicksor is another In-line Text ad program like InfoLinks. With Clicksor, you receive payments every 15 days, with a minimum payout limit of $50. Payment is sent through PayPal, Check, or Wire Transfer. Clicksor gives you a share of 85% of your total sales, which is higher than any other program! Clicksor also has an affiliate referral program, and you earn 10% of what the referred person earns as commission.


There are, by no means, all the alternatives to Google AdSense. These are only some of the top ones in our list. We would like to know which networks YOU are using, and what you think are better than these 5. Blessings 🙂

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  1. How about TextLinkAds? (TLA) have heard that its a nice one though no experience with them still. And Affinity? Couple of my friends use it instead of infolinks. I personally do not like Chitika and Clicksor much. Nothing against them but the ads aren’t relevant and catchy.

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  3. Hi,
    if my blog is disapproved for ads by Google adsense as of now and i use one or some of the above to publish their add on my blog, will my blog still be eligible for adsense once i am eligible for google adsense (after i have enough post compared to what i have now.) ???

  4. I want to know which one is the best service for earning. I use clicksor, which is a slow earning but more fast than other services, which you mention above. If you have trick to approved adsense then please mail me my above email.

  5. I believe that Adsense continues to earn more money for publishers on average in the majority of niches. However, there is always a need for a variety, especially with so many people recently banned from Adsense!

  6. I believe that Adsense continues to earn more money for publishers on average in the majority of niches. However, there is always a need for a variety, especially with so many people recently banned from Adsense! Also Click Through Rate can increase massively if your visitors are not familiar with the new look of the ads on your site.

  7. Thanks for your list. I have several blogs that they may work on. I am currently using a program that sells Technical Education in Advanced Marketing & Sales. Payout starts at $25.

  8. Nothing compares to Adsense, when getting banned is a nightmare.
    Great list of alternatives.I am also using infolinks and . yeah it is really nice but adsense is far better..

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