Top 5 Alternatives to Fiverr You Missed

fiverr alternativesHow interesting is the fact that sometimes the alternates are better than the realities. Fiverr is one of the popular names when online earning sites are taken in to consideration. As discussed many times about Fiverr, it’s a site that pays you $5, ($4 after deduction) for the gigs you offer to do. Following the policies that are offered by Fiverr to its members, a new trend has been seen in this online money making niche, where alternatives to Fiverr are emerging day by day. Sites like Fiverr enjoys a two way earning where the members enjoy doing deals, one selling a talent and the other buying it as needed. The seller enjoys a declared amount of $4; the buyer gets his work done for as low as $5, and the site, earning $1 for each deal been done. we will discuss 5 great alternatives to Fiverr today so that you can earn more than what you are earning now with Fiverr.



Why to Switch to Alternatives?

It depends upon your gig whether doing business with Fiverr is profitable for you or you are going in loss. I was looking for buyers for my gig when I came across few gigs like “can talk as Donald Duck”, “can make you laugh for 5 minutes”, and things like that. On the other hand, there are some serious gigs like “ best article writing for $5”, “get you coding done in $5”, etc, now even a lay man can understand that earning $ 5 for the first category is more like a blessing whereas the same amount is a little unfair for the serious business like second category.

Fiverr being more popular site is now becoming over crowded, there are bundles of bundles sellers available targeting same client. Its obvious that the client will choose any one of them and the others will suffer, waiting for the next chance, which might not be theirs again.



Gigbucks provides a free and easy to use platform for freelancers and talented people from all walks of life to offer their services priced from $5 to $50 bucks per gig. With Gigbucks, you can earn up to $50 for the same type of gig that was bringing you $4 at fiverr. The site has a wide range of categories where all the potential users of fiverr can shift too. another great feature is that the Posting is absolutely free and the members can post as many gigs as they like, further increasing the chances to make big amount.



Providing temporary services was never too fruitful as now. Zeerk is another alternative of Fiverr, where the members can earn up to $100 depending on the nature of work being done. This is what over shadows the lacking in Fiverr, where the amount being paid is same for every kind of service being provided.



Uphype also works on similar principles allowing people to get paid for things they can do with their talent.



fittytown is an alternative site where everything sells for 50 dollars and not $ 5(in case of Fiverr). There are many categories available for the members to start earning directly $40 ($10 deductions).  The gig will be listed for $50 when you cash out your end will be $40. We handle all the transaction fees.



Tenbux is another mini job provider which is somehow better than Fiverr, as you can earn up to $10 on this platform that is double of what Fiverr would have provided you. Overall a simple and easy interface, offering a variety of categories to the members. like all other sites, signup is free. There are deductions from the $10 earned but still  members can enjoy a good amount of $8 anyway. beside the online buying and selling of services, the site has also got its blog that offers good quality articles, helping readers how to make money.

the blog:

tenbux blog

It was expected that soon Fiverr is going to loose its fever, and with the following alternatives, Fiverr’s overall economy is suffering. people are slowly getting to know about the alternatives and are switching to them making more money with their talent. we will soon discuss few alternatives in detail, letting you know what can you do to maximize your earnings there. for now, that’s all.


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  1. I still support FIVERR but will check these sites out also. I have a unique gig on FIVERR helping people start their family trees but will probably start looking at these other sites also. You can find my gig under the OTHER section on FIVERR or click on my name here.

  2. Nice List but im using which i prefer over most. Everyone has their favourites for various reasons but i cant fault bluegig. They still need to get bigger though and im sure more and more people will join.

  3. Nice and useful Article. I am working in fiverr but facing a problem i hope here i may able to find the solution. Guys Fiverr is linked to Paypal and Paypal is not active in Pakistan so what should i do??

  4. I tried Fiverr, TenBux, Gigbux and many others but never got any successful results. is much better than all other micro job sites in term of quality, traffic, support team, withdrawal methods and etc. I am a member of for now more than 10 months and happily earning.

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