Top 4 Formulas to Make Money with YouTube by Uploading Videos in 2012

MakeMoneyYouTubeIf you want to become a true businessman, try to find how you can make money with everything you see. All of us aid ourselves daily with the YouTube Videos for something or the other but very few might have think about utilizing this amazing way to make money online. YouTube belongs to Google and you can highly trust it in starting a business with. All you need to do is to be creative enough and play with what people demands the most.

YouTube is becoming a viable marketing tool. It’s developing an audience that is interested in niche areas. Rather than hosting videos on your own site using tools like Wimpy Player or InstantVideoGenerator – consider hosting you videos on YouTube.

Here are some great ways by which you can make unlimited Dollars by simply uploading Trailers, tutorials and advertisements on YouTube!

Formula #1:  Upload Lectures and Tutorials of People and Enjoy the Profit From Both Sides!

There are great people in the world who are doing a good offline business. For example your professors in universities, or some other trainers, they are highly known experts in their fields but their only targeted audience is the local market. This is mainly because they either do not have the vision of the online market or even if they do, they might not be that good with How to portray their knowledge and wisdom on this high tech forum. There is a possibility that they find it difficult to do their online marketing and sharing their material online in their busy schedules. Did you ever think of making a high quality video of your most renowned professor and upload it on YouTube? If not then, learn about the magic behind it now!

The first thing you should do to start it up, is to think what to do, and for whom? Explore about such talented trainers in your surroundings who are too good to be followed and their material too much attractive to draw a good traffic if you share that on YouTube. Once you get a hold of some great people, approach them, present your idea, which they will surely like. Make up a deal for promoting and sharing his knowledge on the hottest world of the time. I.e. internet! Present your idea in an appealing way, making him believe in the power of e-media exposure. Normally, highly oriented trainers agree to sign a deal with you, you might charge some dollars per upload of their lectures and tutorials and can also give him some share in the total money you make by sharing his contents.

 Mr. Nusrat Ali -Trainer

A clip from my most Favorite Trainer, Mr. Nusrat Ali,

Now that you have got a client for your business, grab a list of people who you think would be interested in your client’s matter. Upload the videos in the form of clips. This is a good practice to make more money because you actually get about $1 per person when people view your videos, uploading the video in the form of clips like part1-4, part 2-4, etc. generates more revenue for you and for your client as there are wide possibilities that the viewer will view the other clip parts too if he liked the first one! Just imagine how much revenue you will generate if you get $1 per visit as well as charging few dollars from your client!

Learn to link your e-business because this is what that will take you to the next level of success! If own a blog with a considerable traffic, you can share your uploaded videos there too. YouTube is sweet enough not to insist that you need to host the video only on their site. After you upload your video! Isn’t it? You can grab a piece of code to embed the video into your own website or blog, generating more revenue for you and your client. People that follow you might take a keen interest in following your uploaded videos and using them as a resource.

Formula # 2: Take the Business on the Next Level:

If my stated formula # 1, works out for you and for your partner, think of something bigger now. You will get to know value of your uploaded videos within a month, if you have been intelligent enough to target the potential viewers for viewing your videos (an engineering student might not be interested in tutorials you uploaded about business studies). You can then plan up the things and can start a blog especially relating to a niche that your client talks about. For example, a trainer whose expertise are in communication skills, you can host an entire site with this niche and this can truly be very productive for you as well as your client. Now you are earning from:

1. The client ( for working him)

2. Views per visit/person i.e. up to $1.

3. Visits at your blogs, liking and sharing the content of your clients that you shared on your blog, linking the video tutorial to it!

Formula# 3: Upload Movie Trailers:

Now this is something interesting. If formula # 1 doesn’t works out for you, that are ok, you have formula #3! Use the power of media and the fact that no matter who ever the person is, he cannot stay away from getting inclined towards the upcoming happenings in the media! Have you ever tried searching about some movie trailer before the release of the movie? You get so many choices, right? Become a choice for others search! For this you need to keep yourself updated to grab the latest news, clips and trailers just after its revealed. The quicker you will upload the latest trailers, the more your clips will be viewed, brining you more revenue. However in my view, this is a good side business but a little too uncreative to adopt as the primary one!

Formula # 4: Advertise

There is another terrific way through which you can enjoy making money online, more than your expectations. There will be hardly any product on earth now, which doesn’t needs advertisement. You can be a platform for promoting the products via your uploaded videos! While I was researching on advertisement techniques, I learned about Mr. Buckley, who is one of the members of YouTube’s Partner Program. He is an example of the Internet’s democratizing effect on publishing. Sites like YouTube allow anyone with a high-speed connection to find a fan following, simply by posting material and promoting it online. Mr. Buckley said he was earning over $100,000 from YouTube advertisements.

YouTube’s partner program includes thousands of participants, ranging from new video makers to big media companies. YouTube, a subsidiary of Google, and Mr. Hunter Walk, director of product management of the site is reported to have said:-

“We wanted to turn these hobbies into businesses,”

According to the Co-founder of YouTube, Mr. Chad Hurley, the aim of YouTube is to appreciate the skills of those who can use their spare times in enhancing their creativity and sharing online via them, he said:

“Some of these people are making videos in their spare time, we felt that if we were able to provide them a true revenue source, they’d be able to hone their skills and create better content.”

You can earn up to$17,000 to $20,000 a month via YouTube, if your uploaded videos can attract 180,000 subscribers, one of living example of this is Mr. Williams. You are earning here by two sides actually, where half of the profits come from YouTube’s advertisements, and the other half come from sponsorships and product placements within his videos.

How Much To Expect?

I have been repeating and repeating in every post that, before to start anything, set up your goals. It’s important to ask yourself what you actually expect. If you can manage to get a hold of list of about 500 people of your own traffic who watched the video, this in turn caused the video’s popularity on YouTube to go up. When you have just 500 people view your video, even that’s enough to boost your videos ranking sufficiently enough that it get’s pushed to the top of the video charts in its category.

I will discuss how to drive traffic to your YouTube video uploads and make money online, soon. Money making is a simple game if you know the right tricks to apply.
Don’t let your capabilities go in veins, if you cannot do blogging, freelancing, etc, then try this one out!

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