Top 30 Tips to Increase Income with Google Adsense – Latest Revealed! – Part 2

google adsense tipssIn the last post Top 30 Tips to Increase Income with Google Adsense – Latest Revealed! – Part 1  we discussed 15 top tips that can maximize the revenue for yo through your Adsense, here are the remaining 15.

16. Avail the Benefit

Google Adsense is just not limited to the Advertising. There is so much within it and Adsense features available and you should utilize all the Adsense features.

17. link units

Studies have proved that horizontal link units, place just above the navigation bar, above the content plays a good role by attracting a huge traffic for PPC.

18. Use Hot spots wisely

The links that you think can get you a good traffic should be placed on the hot spots of your site that can be easily seen by the visitors.

19. Focus on targeted traffic

What good will you achieve if you are running an IT related blog and most of your visitors who reach to you by search engines are from a fashion related niche? Simply it will boost up your site’s bounce rates. Always focus on a targeted traffic to keep the traffic consistent

20. Avoid over block ads

21. blacklisted IP’s

Professional bloggers would have understood what I mean here. Like spam comments, you often get Ads for the blacklisted IP’s which are morally and ethically not acceptable. To keep the environment of your page clean, block all the black listed IP’s.

22. Use Competitive Filters

There are at times so many low paying advertisers that keep on approaching you. The best way to get rid of them is to use competitive filters.

23. Use uncommon blog words

24. Love Adsense, Adsense will love you!

Believing in the power o Google, never underestimate Adsense. Always keep it your first option when it comes to advertising and PPC.

25. Maintain the Blog

The charm of your blog is your valuable content. Always try to keep your blog alive by posting regularly. The freshness of your blog attracts the traffic, hence increasing the chances of PPC.


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27. docstoc

You need to register here for free and after that you can upload files with the same Adsense account, therefore increasing the chance of making money from all possible resources.

28. Search and Enjoy

There are many Revenue Sharing sites available. Utilize them.

29. Say no to Public Service Ads

Doing something for your nation is a great thing but when it comes to earning, you need to keep things clear in your mind. The fact is that public service Ads bring you nothing back. So if you are there to make money, you need to get rid of the public service Ads.

30. Have patience

No empire till today has been established within a night. No successful businessman become successful without working hard so can you expect that for you? Do not panic if the results take time to delight you? Keep working and you will see things will turn up.

So these were some of the interesting and effective tips you need to adopt in order to maximize your earnings with Adsense,

All the best,

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