Top 20 Richest People of Turkey in 2013

Richest people of turkeyTurkey is surely one of the leading Muslim empires since the day it emerged on the map and is now for its liberalism, development and entertainment. We have been sharing a great deal of information about the rich ones in the world, revealing about their net-worth, businesses, resources, etc. and here we are again with the top 20 richest people of Turkey as per the statistics revealed in 2013.

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1)Husnu Ozyegin

Net Worth:$3.5 billion

Source: Banking

Fortune: Self-made


The Harvard graduate, who went to the U.S. with just a few thousand dollars in pocket, is now the owner of the Turkey’s largest private bank and FIBA Holding, a group that owns finance related companies. His career mirrors the emergence of Turkey’s economy. He gives away scholarships, books and initiated $250 million University.

2)Mehmet Karamehmet

Net Worth:$2.4 billion
Source: Telecom, Finance

Fortune: Self-made

Mehmet Karamehmet

The man who rose from the ashes is now the owner of Turkcell, the Tukey’s largest mobile phone operator. He fell off the list of being richest in 2003 due to enormous debt load at his banks, Pamukband and Yapi, for that he paid over $3 billion. He is the classmate of Husnu Ozyegin, who was working as a CEO of his bank at the age of 32.

3)Erol Sabanci

Net Worth: $2.1 billion
Source: Banking, Investment, diversified
Fortune: Inherited and growing

Erol Sabanci

The son of Hacı Ömer Sabancı, who founded the Turkey’s second largest bank Akbank that aims to provide financing for cotton producers now has revenues of nearly TL10bn, is serving the board of Sabanci Holding that controls over 70 companies spreading across 15 countries. He is well known as the father of disable children as he founded Erol Sabanci Spastic Children Training and Treatment Center.

4)Sevket Sabanci

Net Worth:$2.1 billion

Source: Sabanci Holding

Fortune: Self-made, Inherited

Sevket Sabanci

The elder brother of Erol Sabanci is the owner of Turkey’s another large conglomerate, Esas holding, which is the second largest shareholder in Air Berlin and a Board member of Sabanci Group. He is also the owner of Turkey’s largest private airline company Pegsus Airline.

5)Sarik Tara

Net Worth: $2.0 billion

Source: Construction (ENKA)

Fortune: Self-made

Sarik Tara

The owner who started the company at the age of 27 is now one of the largest construction company, ENKA, which is known for constructing U.S embassy buildings, and also building the supermarket chains Ram-Store in Russian cities, in collaboration with Koc Holding.

6)Ahmet Zorlu

Net Worth:$1.8 billion
Source: Electronics, Finance

Fortune: Self-made

Ahmet Zorlu

The high school dropout shuttles around the Europe and is the owner of the Turkey’s largest corporate group Zorlu Holdings that encompasses 65 businesses, and commands 26% of the European market. He is also the owner of Turkey’s soccer club, Vestel Manisaspor.

7)Aydin Dogan

Net Worth:$1.6 billion
Source: Media
Fortune: Self-made

Aydin Dogan

The Media tycoon, the former car dealer is the Founder of Dogan Holdings, the largest newspaper and TV network in Turkey that has over 40% of the advertising market. Recently he started an international cartoon competition, so anybody who is good at sketching, give it a shot.

8)Turgay Ciner

Net Worth: $1.5 billion
Source: Electric power plants and mines
Fortune: Self- made

Turgay Ciner

He has all the ways to earn from apple farms to Media Company, Merkez and majority of electric power plants and nonmetallic mines in Turkey. He loves to build schools in Turkey.

9)Rahmi Koc

Net Worth: $1.4 billion
Source: Diversified
Fortune: Inherited

Rahmi Koc

The only son of the turkey’s wealthiest man Vehbi Koc, is supporting his father’s grounds, the Ran Koc Group that has set common grounds with Americans, Arab, Greek and Israeli investors.

10)Semahat Arsel

Net Worth: $1.4 billion
Source: Diversified
Fortune: Inherited

Semahat Arsel

She basically inherited and entertained the fortune from Koc Group with brother Rahmi Koc. She often stays ill so she couldn’t manage any business unit but build nursing education and Research Center in Turkey.

11)Ferit Sahenk

Net Worth:$1.3 billion
Source: Diversified
Fortune: Inherited

Ferit Sahenk

One of the richest businessmen in Turkey, graduated with a degree in Marketing and Human resources is the chairman of Dogus Holding, a quarter of it was sold for $1.6 billion in 2005, he is looking for new investments.

12)Suna Kirac

Net Worth: $1.2 billion
Source: Diversified
Fortune: Inherited

Suna Kirac

The younger sister of Rahmi Koc has outstanding qualities of leadership and management is the recipient of the women of the year contest sponsored by a University women’s group in Turkey for contribution to the business world and Turkish Children’s education.

13)Bulent Eczacibasi

Net Worth: $1.2 billion
Source: Pharmaceutical
Fortune: Inherited and growing

Bulent Eczacibasi

The Family of the man has been in the medical business for more than 95 years. He is the chairman of Eczacibasi Holdings, who has investments in pharmaceutical and personal care products. He is looking forward for the expansion of ceramic tile business in Russia.

14)Tuncay Ozilhan

Net Worth: $1.2 billion
Source: Beverages
Fortune: Self-made

Tuncay Ozilhan

He is the Chairman of Anadolu Holdings and President of Anadolu Efes, the Turkey’s number one beer brand. The two companies own 50.2 % stakes in Coca Cola Turkish bottling group.

15)Murat Vargi

Net Worth: $1.2 billion
Source: Telecom
Fortune: Self-made

Murat Vargi

He was the reason behind the idea of the largest mobile phone company, Turkcell, though it was funded by the billionaire Mehmet Karamehmet. He owns the major stock in NYSA. He also started the Turkish search engine Hakia and often rent out his 120 foot yacht for $70,000/week to make out luxurious living.

16)Yalcin Sabanci

Net Worth: $1.1 billion
Source: Shipping, Investment
Fortune: Inherited

Yalcin Sabanci

He was born to one of the richest families in Turkey and was running a Textile division of Sabanci Holdings. After he got retired he established YA-SA Shipping Industry and Trading that made him one of the largest ship owners living in one of his four mansions.

17)Filiz Sahenk

Net Worth:$1.1 billion
Source: Dogus Holding
Fortune: Inherited

Filiz Sahenk

The heir to Dogus Holding has maintained the retail partnerships with brands such as Armani and Tods and also is the President of Family’s active charitable Foundation and the sponsor of annual international mountain bike festival.

18)Kamil Yazici

Net Worth: $1.1 billion
Source: Beverages
Fortune: Self-made

Kamil Yazici

Life is all about creating oneself and that’s exactly he did while working at his father’s little grocery store. He is now the founder of Anadolu Group, the distributor of soft drinks and beverages, the holder of 40% stake in all 7 Coca Cola’s Turkish bottling and distribution companies. He is also sponsor thousands of summer sports camps throughout Turkey.

19)Murat Ulker

Net Worth:$1.0 billion
Source: Food
Fortune: Inherited

Murat Ulker

The heir to Ulker Food Co. which manufactures candy bars, cookies, cakes is expanding its roots in Saudi Arabia and Ukraine. He loves to hunt and travel during his vacations.

20)Erdogan Demiroren

Net Worth: $956 Million

Source: Import and marketing

Fortune: Inherited

Erdogan Demiroren

He took charge of his family business and involve into import and marketing of Auto Spare Parts Auto institution and the Chairman of Demiroren Holding, the owner of various companies in LPG sector.

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