Top 10 Worst Airlines Services in the World in 2013

Worst airlines services in the worldNo other means of transport seems scary enough to compete with the thriller experience of travelling via airlines which are known  for their worst history. We did share about the best airlines in the world and here we have something more interesting to share with our readers, that is, all about the top 10 worst Airlines Services in the world. So if you are planning to make your reservations, you need to give it a look!

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Headquarters: County Dublin, Ireland

Founded: 1985

Founders: Liam Lonergan, Christopher Ryan, Tony Ryan

Destinations: 180

Ryanair worst airlines

It’s an Irish low cost airline that fly over 160 destinations. The airline offers various cheap travel packages and you can book your seat now for just $14!. Recently it has been seen that additional charges, hidden taxes, bad service, delayed flights and last minute additional fees sort of complaints are getting popularity so beware while booking your flight.

2)Spirit Airline

Headquarter: Miramar, Florida, USA

Founded: 1980

Founders: Ben Baldanza, Ted Christie

Destination: 57

Spirit Airlines worst airlines

It is the leading Ultra low cost airline and is mainly popular for its absurd policy of putting additional charges on passengers for their carry on luggage. They are probably one of the eminent due to cost but they have a poor service, the seats are quite close and congested, flights delayed, cancelled or overbooked so make sure you think twice if you get yourself booked for an urgent meeting.


Headquarters: Luton, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

Founded: 1995

Founders: Stelios Haji-Ioannou

Destinations: 134

EasyJet worst airlines

The largest airlines in the UK that works on model of cost cutting measures such as no complementary snacks on board. Besides the passenger’s complaints include charging for food, baggage and extra charges are few of many which makes people to consider before booking. On March 2013 the CFO has celebrated and launched its 100th route which is now offering flights directly from London to Moscow.

4)Aeroflot Russian Airlines

Headquarters: Moscow, Russia.

Founded: 1932

Founders: Vitaly Gennadyevich Savelyev

Destinations: 116

Aeroflot Russian Airlines worst airlines

One of the oldest and largest airline in the world, is still considered as the de facto national airline of Russia. It is a semi private company which is among the most profitable in the world. A good airline has a very confusing airport terminal with rude and unfriendly airline staff.

5)U.S Airways

Headquarters: Tempe, Arizona, USA

Founded: 1937

Founder: United States government

Destinations: 198

U.S. airways worst airlines

The famous airline that operates 3,028 daily flights, is operated by contracts and subsidiary airline companies. In February 2013 The merging of US Airways and American Airline was announced, creating the largest airline in the world.

6)China Southern Airlines

Headquarter: Guangzhou(China)

Founded: 1988

Founders: China Government

Destinations: 193

china southern airlines worst airlines

Passengers who travel from China Southern Airline are always seen complaining about the rude and unpleasant behavior of the staff and yes they are untrained too. The airline pays no heed towards their worst entertainment system and bad food. No reclining seats no drinks is out of the question when one is travelling on international flight yet this airline lacks these basic amenities.

7)China Eastern Airline

Headquarter: Shanghai(china)

Founded: 25juna 1988

Founders: Liu Shaoyong (Chairman) Dong Haoqiang (COO)
Lou Feijiang (Assistant COO)
Ma Pingqiong (CFO)
Luo Kelin (Assistant CFO)

Destinations: 150+

China Eastern Airline worst airlines

China Eastern Airlines are famous for delayed or rescheduled flights. Passengers are always seen complaining for the delayed flight because it becomes stressful to stay in the airport with all the luggage yet waiting for the plane to take off. A piece of advice along with all the luggage make sure you carry the baggage of patience when travelling from this airline.

8)Air China

Headquarter: Beijing

Founded: 1988

Founders: China

Destinations: 185

Air china worst airlines

Obsolete technology is always being disliked by the humans. However in case of Air china old fashioned planes, old cabin staff with little knowledge of English and yes uncomfortable seats is nothing but a horrible punishment for one travelling from Air China. This airline shows no comfort zone to their passengers delayed flights are never justified or even apologized and it has become a hobby of Air China now.

9)Egypt Air

Headquarter: Cairo (Egypt)

Founded 1932

Founders: Egypt Government

Destinations: 78

egypt air worst airlines

Egypt Air currently have left no stone unturned when it comes to give discomfort to their passenger. Having a scary movie for passenger in terms of stinky filthy washrooms is just the beginning of unpleasant traveling experience with Egypt Air. The airline posses untrained staff and attentive too. Passengers are often seen complaining about their request turned down silent and most important uncomfortable seats are sure unjust for the amount of money they pay to be travelling by air.


Headquarter: Velázquez, Madrid (Spain)

Founded 28june 1927

Founders: Spain

Destinations: 75

Iberia Airlinesworst airlines

When it comes to travelling the mode of air is considered to be most comforting one. However airlines like Iberia is one of the nightmare any passenger can only imagine of. Bad food, rude behavior non friendly staff is one of the specialties of this airline. Staff makes hasty movements during flight to complete food serving task so that they save time for their little chit chats.

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