Top 10 Windows 8 Wallpapers

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Microsoft Windows 8As most of you might already know, Microsoft recently launched its latest Operating System, the Windows 8. It is the most advanced and evolved Windows we’ve ever seen. It incorporates new features not know to previous windows installments. In an earlier post, we discussed about some of the new features, along with information on downloading and installing Windows 8. In this post, we will give you a recap of some of the new features, along with our list of the top 10 Windows 8 wallpapers and some themes. We will also talk about developing applications for this latest OS; so if you are a developer, than you might benefit from reading on!

The most notable feature of this Windows is the new Metro-styled User Interface. It is centered more towards the touch-screen industry, while retaining the good old keyboard and mouse input methods. What we have learned is that, there is a certain learning curve associated with this new OS. Some users might be slightly put off, merely by the ease of it! It is the most user-friendly Windows OS. and all the changes naturally mean you will have to unlearn some ingrained windows behavior.

Top 10 Windows 8 wallpapers

Since this new Windows is all about the visual effects, we have put together some of the top Wallpapers   to further enhance your Visual experience. Here goes our list of the Top 10 Wallpapers…

Windows 8 Aquatic

Windows 8

Windows 8 Black

Windows 8 Gray

Windows 8

Windows 8 Nature

Windows 8

Windows 8 Beta

Windows 8 Wall

Windows 8 Dark

Developing Apps for Windows 8

Windows 8 promises to be a very popular OS. Hence, there can’t be a better time to start developing new apps. One advantage of developing apps right now is, you have lesser competition. Once the final version is released, you will be hard pressed to create apps that will decently sell on the global market. Hence, it can be now or never for many developers. So make hay while the sun shines (rather, make money while the opportunity lasts!)

Microsoft has brought about some changes in the way apps will be made for the metro-styled interface. Amidst request from the developers who told Microsoft after the release of the Developer Preview that they wanted to render their apps quickly in DirectX while also making use of the Metro user interface. Microsoft has now added three new XAML types for supporting a large range of DirectX features. According to them;

With the Consumer Preview, you can now smoothly integrate XAML and DirectX 11 in the same Metro style app to create a fast and fluid experience. For example, you can now create a DirectX game and use XAML to process input, create graphics for heads-up displays and menus, or bind to your app’s data model.

Microsoft has also added more improvements for Blend to make HTML apps for Windows 8 and support for a PlayReady Metro API for DRM features in apps. There’s also added support for debugging apps in the Consumer Preview version, including some new features for the Simulator such as adding 1024×768 resolution support, also in case of  Windows Library for JavaScript (WinJS), where (among many improvements) Microsoft has simplified the navigation model. Inclusion of the Windows 8 Animation Library, which is designed to take full advantage of independent animations to make it easier than ever to create a fast and fluid Metro style design.


We will soon update this post with more latest wallpapers, and Windows 8 Themes which you can install on previous Windows systems. In the meantime, consider trying out the new OS for free at Microsoft Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Do share with us your experience, and how you feel about the OS. Cheers 🙂

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