Top 10 Websites To Find Jobs in Pakistan

top  10 websites to find a job in pakistanFinding a regular job these days has become incredibly difficult, especially in countries like Pakistan, where the unemployment rate is so high and inflation has risen up so much that many people have lost hope, and some have resorted to unfair means. On top of all this, merit has become somewhat of a formality, and nothing more. Hirings are mostly done on the basis of references, which means the less influential are sort of barred from getting jobs.

Well, gone are the days where the only way to get a job was to drop a CV into an office, and then wait for the appointment / rejection call. Why wait for an office job you’re probably never gonna get, when you can easily get one that you can do from the comfort of your home? Say hello to the world of freelancing! In Pakistan, there are various ways you can earn money, most of which are frauds. So we have taken it upon ourselves to look through those that are legit. And here is a list of the top 10 websites that will help you get jobs (online or otherwise) in Pakistan.

1. ROZEE.PK is THE best job-searching website in Pakistan. It is the largest and most popular such website. As of now, it has 17 million applications with around a 100,000 vacancies available from around 48,000 employers. These employers include some of the best multi-national companies in the country, such as Telenor, Warid, Inbox, Cybernet etc. Since this is largest such website, it is your best chance to get a job. You can choose from a wide variety of jobs, from software development to Sales assistance and freelance writing. If you are a fresh graduate with a new degree in hand, I think this should be the first place you go to.



This is one website that gained popularity recently. Although it was started in 2004, it became well-known only a few years ago. Mustakbil is one quality website you’d want to visit. In 2010, it was awarded Emerging Brand of The Year. And since then, it has been emerging! It has over a million active users, which makes it one of the largest job website in Pakistan. Join now to brighten your “Mustakbil” (future).



Bayrozgar was a special program which was aimed at providing employment to the unemployed. And I must say, it’s done a very good job! If you go over to the website, you can see that there are a lot of jobs for many fields, and you can categorize those jobs by various other factors apart from field, such as experience, location, type, gender etc. It has a lot of trusted employers such as MacDonald’s, Pepsi, Comsats, UBL etc.


4. Career Pakistan

Career Pakistan is one of the best job website when it comes to quality. It has many big employers such as Nokia, Siemens, Nissan etc, looking for professional people to hire and work in large multi-national firms. So this could be it if you are looking for a big, decent job. Visit their website for more info.


5. BrightSpyre

BrightSpyre says “Job Search Starts Here.” And they may be onto something here. BrightSpyre does give a whole lot of options, such as a résumé, job alerts, deadlines etc. They even have a blog that keeps you updated on latest happenings. Again, a lot of reputable employers such as PTCL are looking for people to work for them here.


6. PaperPK

If you’re like me and you can’t go through all the job listings in the newspapers, then don’t worry! PaperPK is just the thing for you! This site is awesome. It lists all the job vacancies, admissions, tenders and classifieds as they appeared on the newspapers each day. It has listings from all the major newspapers available in Pakistan. Not only that, it also gives you links where you could submit resumes for application, or read more information about the job. Great huh?


7. PakPositions

PakPositions is another quality website. It is absolutely free to use, and provides protection against spam and other scams. It is also quite a fast service, and efficient too. You can submit your résumé for review by recruiters. Who knows, you might get a call?


8. OLX Pakistan

OLX is basically a  classified website where people put up ads for the things they want to buy or sell. Common handheld gadgets aside, this site offers much more. It is also a classified website for jobs. People or companies wanting to hire people put up ads. Willing candidates can apply. Being such a large website, there are many and more jobs you can choose from.


9. ApniJobs

Another good website for finding jobs. ApniJobs operates in most major cities of Pakistan, and it has a huge range of jobs you could choose from. But I have noticed that it emphasizes slightly more on IT jobs than others. So IT professionals and those in computer related fields are welcome to take a shot.


10. SleekSeight

SleekSeight is somewhat similar to PaperPK. It lists all ads that appeared in the popular newspapers of the country. You can also look through tenders and admission openings. This site provides you with links where you need to apply for the respective jobs.

That was a list of our top 10 websites that will help you find a job in Pakistan. There are tonnes of other websites as well, and most will say they are the number one website out there. But any such organization worth it’s salt knows that’s a long call. So the point is, go with the ones we tell you about, and not the ones they tell you about themselves. Anyways, there’s no restriction to what websites you can sign up with. You can sign up with all of them for all it’s worth. I know how hard it is to get a job in this country. This is where you will hopefully be selected on merit. Good luck with your job search, and we wish you a happy career ahead 🙂

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