Top 10 Most Watched Entertainment Channels of Pakistan

most watched entertainment channels of Pakistan Knowing the best channels to follow to keep yourselves entertained is surely important especially in countries like Pakistan where watching tv and enjoying serials is one of the foremost activities for the locals. If you are looking for 10 entertainment channels of Pakistan, here is the most updated list,

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1. Hum Tv

Hum TV most watched Pakistani entertainment channel

Hum Tv started its transmission in 2005. It is a 24 hour channel aimed to provide quality entertainment to the viewers. The channel broadcasts all kinds of programs ranging from morning shows, sitcoms, dramas, soaps etc. The Hum network has recently launched a couple of sister channels also. Hum Tv also has international coverage. It launched its first award function in 2013 to encourage the artists of the industry.

2. ARY Digital

ARY most watched Pakistani entertainment channel

ARY Digital is affiliated with ARY Group. The channel is among the pioneers of the Pakistani broadcasting and media industry and offers the best quality programs in Urdu. It is currently broadcasting morning show, drama serials, sitcoms and reality shows.

3. Geo Entertainment

Geo TV most watched Pakistani entertainment channel

Geo Entertainment was established in 2002 under Independent Media Corporation. Geo Tv has a number of sister channel as well. It air shows such as morning shows, serials, soaps, sitcoms and reality shows. Recently the Geo network has been in the limelight because of some controversies.

4. A Tv

Atv most watched Pakistani entertainment channel

A Tv is the only privately owned terrestrial network of the country and has the largest viewership after PTV Home. The channel airs information, entertainment and education programs. It also shows an hourly news bulletin.

5. Urdu 1

Urdu-1 most watched Pakistani entertainment channel

Urdu 1 is owned by a Dubai based group and airs national and international shows. The channel gained popularity after the Turkish drama serial Ishq-e-Memnun.

6. PTV National

PTV national most watched Pakistani entertainment channel

PTV National is a cable television network under the Government of Pakistan. It broadcasts programs in the regional language of the country. The transmission is divided into four parts, each representing a regional language. It is being appreciated internationally for promoting the culture and tradition of Pakistan.

7. PTV Home

PTV home most watched Pakistani entertainment channel

PTV Home is the most watched and widely available television network. It was started in the early 1960s and marks the beginning of the television era in Pakistan. It broadcasts all the regular programs such as morning shows, dramas, sitcoms and soaps. PTV Home also airs the live 9 o’clock news. It is a terrestrial channel owned by the Government of Pakistan.

8. TV One Global

TV One Global most watched Pakistani entertainment channel

TV One Global is an entertainment channel that broadcasts morning shows, lifestyle programs, dramas, soaps etc. It is a private channel owned by Air waves Media. It was launched in the early 1990s and is now being aired internationally also.

9. Indus Vision

Indus Vision most watched Pakistani entertainment channel

Indus Vision is owned by the Indus Tv Network. It provides 24 hour entertainment and broadcasts morning shows, dramas, sitcoms, cooking shows, fashion shows etc. It is a satellite channel and also has international viewership.

10. Express Entertainment

Express entertainment most watched Pakistani entertainment channel

Express Entertainment was launched in 2012 by Lakson Group of the Express Tv Network. It broadcasts entertainment programs like dramas, soaps, lifestyle programs and morning shows.

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