Top 10 Most Valuable Comic Books!

comic booksGoing back to the fantasies we lived in our childhood, there would be one thing common in all our stories and that would be the comics craze. Amazingly, this is only now that I actually realize that our craze, altogether has generated some decent wealth for these comic initiators.  Here are top 10 most valuable comic books that survived to make a net worth in more than six digits dollars,

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Action Comics #1

Net Worth: $1.5 million


Superman is finally getting old! 75 years old costumed super-hero was the most notably among the many featured super heroes introduced for the first time to a kids’ world of fantasies ought on an odysseys to save the world. Recently one of the original copies of Action Comic #1 was sold at an auction for a record $2.16 million in the year 2011. If you are one of the die heart fans of Superman you will be shocked to know he couldn’t fly initially but his powers increases gradually in Golden Age Books, this book is not less than a treasure for you!

Detective Comics #27

Net Worth: $1.38 million


Right on Superman’s heels is the Detective comic #27, the legendary issue, the case of chemical syndicate of six pages, introduce the bold, black undefeatable Batman to the world. It starts with first appearance of Commissioner Gordon chatting with his friend, Bruce Wayne, who secretly appears as Batman for the world of justice. Right after three days of auction of Action Comic #1 it barely breaks the record by sold at auction for more than $1 million in 2010. It is still the longest continuously published comic book in United States.

Superman #1

Net Worth: $671,000


The new adventures of Superman begin here after his premier in Action Comic #1! What is the Man of Steel’s startling odyssey and how does it affect Lois lane and daily Planet? A 22 pages story defines how Superman must stop a monstrous threat to Metropolis- one that he somehow is the reason of! The ‘World’s Greatest Adventure Strip Character’ has made it all the way to No. 1 on IGN’s Top 100 Comic Book Heroes.

All-American Comics #16

Net Worth: $430,000


A story of first appearance of magic green lanterns which transformed into a modern and more mysterious form, talking rocks and the man who could only be stopped by a stick! This is the book that is hard to come by in un-restored condition in any grade. Though the Green Lantern’s Debut was highly appreciated and is still found in the bags we can’t remember the last time significant copy of it sought after issue was sold publicly.

Detective Comics #1

Net worth: $405,000


Do not judge a book by its cover, but it’s quite obvious from the cover image that the first issue of Detective Comics falls squarely into the Yellow peril genre. The book defines the adventure of the stereotypical Chinese villains being defeated by heroic Americans. For a change in the story, victims were Chinese rather than the perpetrators. It started to be one of the good series but later it lost the charm and so the readers.

Marvel Comics #1

Net Worth: $367,000


Are you a die heart fan of Hulk and Spider-Man here is the biography enrolling into the comic for the first time. Timely first publication introduced to you the impregnable and ruthless comic heroes including Hulk, Iron man, Spider-Man, Fantastic four, Thor, Captain America, and the genius villains that whose super destructive ideas has kept you always engrossed in the story like Magneto, Doctor Doom, Galactus etc.  They are the first one to introduce Carl Burgos’ android superhero –the Human Torch.

Batman #1

Net Worth: $359,000


A fire of revenge gave birth to a Batman! Batman, who he is? How he came to be? Bruce Wayne, why he disappears when Batman arises? These were the questions that were answered in the first issue- The Legend of the Batman. A fabulous comic revealing the reasons and secrets of Batman, has engorged the entire world of kids into the fantasy. Heartwarming in every sense of word, Batman #1 is worth every penny.

More Fun Comics #52

Net Worth: $316,000


The first debut of perhaps the most chilling super-hero Spectre, who may not be one of the most popular super heroes but his introductory issue is still worth $ 3,160,00 as he brought swift retribution to the criminal fraternity.

Flash Comics #1

Net Worth: $289,000


Hard water , actually increases the speed, and if it induces the speed then why is this guy, Flash, the first one to have this done? The debut of Flash, a blindingly fast mystery man alive was one of the many DC comic characters make their first appearances in Flash comics leaving you in the world of speed, including the Black Canary and Hawkman. I can say one good thing about this speedster’s origins, the Whizzer! He got his super speed from mongoose DNA!

Amazing Fantasy #15

Net Worth: $280,000


This is where it all started, The Amazing fantasy is what that brought up a teenage superhero who could  to the walls, Spider-Man. It details the hero’s origin. Stan Lee moved on after the story release and the character was forgotten but when the sales figure for the issue came back Lee’s editor demand that the Spider-Man get his own series and there you go, with the tones of volumes of Spider-Man comics and art by Steve Ditko that ties everything together, it works just as well today as it did in 1962.

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