Top 10 Tech Jobs In 2012!

Top Jobs 2012Finding a job nowadays is hard. Finding a job that’s right for you is harder. But hardest is the search for a job that conforms with your dreams and also is the right place to be. Many people land in their respective professions because they either followed in their parents’ footsteps, or were advised by them, or they heard it paid well, or they thought it was ‘cool’, and so on. Landing the perfect job requires a lot of research, trial and error, and soul-searching, so to speak.

A latest survey, conducted by CareerCast – an online job-finder organization, has focused the spotlight on the top 200 jobs one can land in 2012. It has compiled an evaluation of a wide range of professions, from Miners and Lumberjacks to Accountants, HR Managers etc. According to the rankings, Software Engineers have the best job, followed by Actuaries and then HR Managers.

How a job is evaluated?

A job isn’t just about the money. Many people need to understand that. Income is only one aspect of a broad spectrum. The survey by CareerCast focused on five key aspects; Physical Demands, Work Environment, Stress levels, Job Outlook, and of course, the Income. Work environment means how worker friendly a job environment is. Hiring Outlook refers to how easily you can get a particular job, and what is the potential and future of that job. This, of course, is a relative aspect since is isn’t easy to find a decent job these days.

Each job was given a score in each individual category. For the environment category, a lower score depicts a better environment. Same goes for stress levels, where a low score means low stress associated with the job. Similarly, a low score in the physical demands category means a less tiring job.  For outlook, a low score means a poor job outlook. Hence, the lower the better for all categories except for outlook.

An overall score was awarded to each job based on individual scores. And the lower the score, the better a job is.

The Top 10 tech jobs!

Simply put, the world is going digital. Or rather, it already has to some extent. And people who are helping or are a part of this modernization are the gainers. Tech people are great in demand and are being paid a lot as well. A prime example of this is Software Engineers, who made it to the top of the list. Other tech jobs might not be at the top, but they sure can be something to think about. Here goes out top 10 list;

1. Software Engineer

If you code for a living, respect! Software engineering is not an easy job. But most of the people who opt for it are passionate about the field. Perhaps that’s why this job has made it to the top of the list. Software engineering comes in handy in a wide range of industries, such as manufacturing, scientific research, development, and even medical applications. This makes for a good outlook. Following are the stats for this job;

  • Average income : $88,142
  • Work Environment : 41.00
  • Stress levels : 10.42
  • Physical demands : 40.00
  • Outlook : 25.02
  • Overall Score : 176.00

2. Online Advertising Manager

Advertising managers plan, co-ordinate and oversee advertising campaigns and programs online. Online Advertisers stand number 8 on the top 200 job list.

  • Average income : $87,255
  • Work Environment : 54.00
  • Stress levels : 21.55
  • Physical demands : 42.00
  • Outlook : 25.55
  • Overall Score : 343.00

3. Computer Systems Analyst

A computer system analyst plans and develops computer systems for businesses and scientific institution. He also provides IT support. This job is ranked 9th on the list.

  • Average income : $78,148
  • Work Environment : 47.39
  • Stress levels : 16.48
  • Physical demands : 47.4
  • Outlook : 22.58
  • Overall Score : 370.00

4. Web developer

A web developer, as the name says, develops and maintains websites and web applications. Web developers rank 15th on the job list.

  • Average income : $76,179
  • Work Environment : 51.00
  • Stress levels : 22.79
  • Physical demands : 48.00
  • Outlook : 21.49
  • Overall Score : 484.00

5. Computer Programmer

You might be saying, hey, wait a minute! How’s a programmer different from a software engineer? Well, a software engineer develops and maintains software systems, while a computer programmer organizes data and lists and solves problems by passing instructions to computers. This job stands on the 34th number.

  • Average income : $71,178
  • Work Environment : 50.18
  • Stress levels : 11.78
  • Physical demands : 47.18
  • Outlook : 11.78
  • Overall Score : 627.00

6. Technical Writer

Technical writers’ job is to write technical documents containing information and specification for a system. The aim is to present the document in an understandable, yet a professional way. Rank on list = 37.

  • Average income : $63,173
  • Work Environment : 49.25
  • Stress levels : 18.73
  • Physical demands : 47.25
  • Outlook : 15.93
  • Overall Score : 642.00

7. Medical Records Technician

A medical record technician maintains a complete, accurate, and up to date record for use in treatment, billing, and surveys. Rank = 50.

  • Average income : $32,152
  • Work Environment : 45.3
  • Stress levels : 7.52
  • Physical demands : 44.3
  • Outlook : 20.52
  • Overall Score : 720.00

8. Medical Technologist

Analyzes lab report data for disease diagnosis and treatment. Rank = 55.

  • Average income : $56,097
  • Work Environment : 50.30
  • Stress levels : 15.97
  • Physical demands : 44.30
  • Outlook : 10.27
  • Overall Score : 752.00

9. Aerospace Engineer

Aerospace engineers are very highly paid. In face, it is one of the highest paid jobs in the world. Its score takes a hit in perhaps its outlook, and its high stress level due to a great responsibility. It is ranked 60th in the list.

  • Average income : $97,134
  • Work Environment : 50.06
  • Stress levels : 20.34
  • Physical demands : 47.06
  • Outlook : 4.24
  • Overall Score : 794.00

10. Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical engineering ranks 66th in the job list. Mechanical engineers are highly paid workers as well. They develop mechanical products and co-ordinate the operation of power using/producing machines.

  • Average income : $78,133
  • Work Environment :  52.41
  • Stress levels : 22.33
  • Physical demands : 49.41
  • Outlook : 9.03
  • Overall Score : 825.00

(If you are an electrical engineer, don’t feel bad for not making it to the top 10 :P. Electrical engineers make more money than Mechanical engineers ($83,139). They only take hits in the outlook region 🙂 )

Just for your information, the worst job to have is being a lumberjack, due to the high physical demands, and poor outlook. Also bad are; oil rig workers and dairy farmers. Also fresh military recruits, since they have a tough life with low wages and a lot of hard menial training work, plus the usual ‘bullying’ they get from those higher in the command.

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