Top 10 Security Plugins for WordPress You Must Have!

WordPress SecurityWordPress is the most popular CMS among bloggers, because it is the easiest, and the most powerful. On top of that, it has thousands of plugins you can choose from. But as with any big software, the more popular it is, the more are the chances of it getting hacked. Let’s take a look at how you can set up a secure WordPress blog or website by using some plugins.

Now you might know that you should not install plugins from unreliable sources. They may result in your site getting hacked. But these security plugins are reliable, and will increase your site’s security level. You don’t have to install ALL of them. But it’d be a good idea to experiment around and find out what’s best for you.

1. WordPress Antivirus

This is a must have for you if you change your blog theme often. Others might find it useful as well. It basically scans your theme for any back-doors. This means that it will check if the theme provider isn’t using some hidden piece of code to links other websites on your site. This plugin checks files as well and on a daily basis. You get email notifications if any malware was found.

2. WordPress Security Scanner

This is a great security analyzer plugin that scans for any malware or possible vulnerabilities. It provides information about password and database security, admin security and permissions, login attempts etc. This is a great plugin for you if you are afraid of getting hacked!

3. Admin SSL

With this plugin, you can secure any URL, login page, admin area, or any other page or post using Private SSL. After that, only you would be able to access the secured information.


This is a spam protection system that integrates re-CAPTCHA methods with comments, form registration, email spam protection etc. This keeps spammers and spam bots out of your system.

5. Theme Authenticity Checker

TAC analyzes your  blog theme and lets you know about any hidden or encrypted inks that can’t be otherwise detected.

6. BulletProof Security

This is another anti-hack plugin. It prevents your website from XSS, CSRF, Base64 and SQL Booster hack attempts

7. Exploit Scanner

This plugin scans your WordPress files and database, and hi-lights suspicious-looking code. It shows hidden and encrypted CSS or base64 decode. Hence, it is also an anti-hack plugin.

8. Page Security by Contexture

This great tool lets you create user groups which can then be assigned access permissions to any page, post or section of your blog.

9. myEASYbackup

Backing up your files is extremely important, in case you lose any of your data due to an accident or hack attack etc. With this tool, you can easily backup or restore your settings and files, including code and SQL database tables.

10. Login LockDown

This awesome tool notes down IP address and time for any login request made. When multiple login attempts fail, that IP is blocked from the website. This prevents any brute force attacks on your website. You can modify the number of login attempts available, and the time.

That’s all for now. Let us know if you know of any other great plugins. And also leave your comments below 😀

3 thoughts on “Top 10 Security Plugins for WordPress You Must Have!”

  1. I use Better WP Security. It allows for all kinds of functions. Lock-down failed logins… Set times when your backend won’t be available. Close up common wordpress vulnerabilities. It sounds like it does the job of several of the plugins listed above.

  2. Hey Qasim, Protecting blogs is very crucial and should be taken seriously. I take several measures to ensure that i stay away from the hackers. Thanks for sharing this.

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