Top 10 Richest Wrestlers of The World in 2012

top 10 richest wrestlers of the world in 2012How surprising it would sound if I tell my readers that I used to follow all WWF Series when I was a kid. As a matter of fact, all Children still, somehow love to see wrestling tournaments due to their keen interest in action and fighting movies. The thing that I understood as I grew older was that these macho men actually put their lives in risks only to make money obviously. The question that I used to ask myself was, How Much? How much can they earn with this, not-so-easy profession? And the answer to my own question is the following list.

10. Chris Jerico

$ 18 million

chris jericho

By birth an American by residential a Canadian, Chris Jerico rounds up the top ten richest wrestlers of the world. Not only this, Chris Jerico is an author, a businessman, an actor and surprisingly a musician too. he has successfully won 30 championships in his career up till now. He has stood as a world champion six times in World Wide Entertainment. He has participated in many TV shows and has earned 18 million dollars to date. In the year 1999 and 2007, Jerico signed huge contract with the WWE.

9. Big Show

$ 20 million


With an American identity, Big Show started his career as a professional wrestler. He is famous for his heavy mass from which the other wrestlers draw their fears and I think even as a child I was also frightened of him. Like Jerico, he has also won the world championship six times. Apart from that he won different championships. His movie Knucklehead earned him millions of dollars and the huge fan following. Wrestle Mania paid Big Show a handsome amount and with his contract with WWE in 1999, he now has 20 million dollars attached to his name. He stands at number nine among the richest wrestlers.

8. JBL

$20 million


John Bradshaw Layfield, more famous as JBL is also an American wrestler. Not only has he won 24 championships but he also owns an energy drink firm. His career as a wrestler accelerated his fame and bucks after he won the WWE Championship. He is talented and wise who transmitted his energy into earning money. Currently at number 8, JBL is having 20 million dollars as net worth.

7. John Cena

$20 million

John Cena

 An American aggressive wrestler, immensely famous and looked upto, John Cena is not just a wrestler but also an exceptionally good actor. He has won 12 world championships and a total of 19 various titles. At present he has assets worth 20 million dollars which makes him the 7th richest wrestler of the world. His aggression is a charm and a lot of high school kids are his die-heart fans.

6. Mick Foley

$22 million

mick Foley

Not only a wrestler but also a great marketer of wrestling, Mick Foley is ranked at number 6 as the richest wrestler. He has won the tag team championship 11 times in his career and as an individual warrior he has won the world championship 4 times. Blessed with exceptional skills and talents, Mick Foley is making great money through his work. He has also inscribed various wrestling papers.

5. Triple H

$ 25 million

triple h

Covering the top 5 richest wrestlers of the world, Triple H is one of the most famous wrestlers. He is worth 25 million dollars which he has managed to gather in his lengthy career of 20 years devoted to his aggressive and entertaining wrestling in and outside the ring. Formerly he was the number one richest wrestler. Triple H has also worked in some of the Hollywood movies. He is also loved by many teenager boys all over the world.

4. Hulk Hogan

$30 million

Hollywood Hulk Hogan

Perhaps our mothers and fathers remember him most clearly. Hulk Hogan got fame in mid 1980s and was among the top wrestlers till 1990s. He is an actor, TV celebrity, musician and a an American wrestler. Hulk Hogan has won the world championship 12 times and the title of WWE/WWF 6 times in his career. Though he started his entertainment in the ring in the 1980s, Hulk Hogan began making good money after mid 1990s and till the 2000s. As for now he stands at number 4 with net worth as 30 million dollars.

3. Undertaker

$34 million


The most famous and feared wrestler of the world with the largest fan following, The Undertaker has been with the WWE since 1991 as a professional wrestler. He has a record of being unconquered at Wrestle Mania and WWE’s Premier Pay per View Event. A tenured opponent, Undertaker has won the world championship 8 times and has a net worth of 34 million dollars, making him the 3rd richest wrestler of the world.

2. Stone Cold Steve Austin

$40 million

Stone Cold

Steve Austin is at number 2 as the richest wrestler although he has not been in the ring since a decade because of an injury, yet he has gathered 40 million dollars through hard work. He is not only a wrestler but a film and TV actor. His most famous movie The Expendables earned him a lot of wealth and reputation. Last year Cold Stone, as he is called, returned to TV as a host of a reality series named Tough Enough.

1. The Rock

$65 million dollars

the rock from china

Without any doubt, the most loved and famous, The Rock stands as the richest of all the wrestlers in the world with his net worth of $65 million. He has not only caused an eruption in the ring but also in the Hollywood film industry with his awe-striking talent and skills. His most famous movies include Walking Tall, The Scorpion King and The Tooth Fairy Faster. The Rock is the first ever third generation superstar in the field of wrestling history. He has won 16 tournaments in total up till now.

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