Top 10 Richest Celebrities in 2012

to p10 richest celebrities at randomIts natural that we love to learn more about people of fields we have the most interest in. When it comes to the richest celebrities, the favorite  categories might differ from person to person.  We have been sharing a real great treasure of the top 10 lists but there are possibilities that people having huge interest in sports would have found top 10 richest rappers little boring and vice versa. Here is a refined list of Richest Celebrities taken from different categories, ranging from rappers to Authors, Players to business tycoons. Hope you Enjoy.

10. Bryan Williams (Birdman)

Bryan Williams - birdman

Estimated Net Worth: $100 Million

Cash Money Records was co-started by Birdman, real name Bryan Williams. Celebrities like Lil Wayne and Juvenile have benefitted from his firm in developing albums for them. #1 Stunna, of Birdman in collaboration with Mannie Fresh as a segment of rap duo done for the Big Tymers, was nominated for the Grammies in 2000. Cash Money Records is the most successful platform for hip hop music and has effectively sold 50 million records and managed to have over $100 million revenue. By the age of 22, Birdman had a net worth of $40 million and currently he lives in a condo worth $30 million, in Miami

Interesting Fact

According to a statement made by Birdman, he buys 100 new cars every 6 months and sells the 100 old ones. He is also found with loaded jewelry, especially the 15 carat black diamond ring with matching earrings and the teeth grill worth $500,000. When USA was struck with Hurricane Katrina, he had lost two Maybachs four Ferraris among the 50 cars and 20 houses.

9. Gisele Bündchen

Gisele B

Estimated Net Worth: $250 Million

A fashion model by profession, Gisele found success in late 1990s. Her “The Return of the Sexy Model” was dubbed by the Vogue in 1999. She has served as a brand ambassador to numerous fashion campaigns namely; Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren, Victoria’s Secret, etc. Since the year 2004, Gisele has been the highest paid model of the fashion industry. Apple Inc., Credicard, Volkswagons do Brazil, Ebel and Nivea lotion are some of her non-geared advertising projects. She stands on number 3 among the Youngest Most Powerful Women of 2011 at the age of just 31.

Interesting Fact

From 2000 to 2005, Bündchen was in an eminent and open relationship with American performer Leonardo DiCaprio.  In 2009, she married Tom Brady who presently has a clear wealth of around $100 million.

8. Howard Stern

howard stern

Estimated Net Worth: $500 Million

America’s highest paid Radio jockey, Howard Stern had made his dreams true through his radio show which was aired from 1986 till 2005. By December 2010 a deal was signed with Sirius so that his immensely loved show could continue for five more years. His frank and controversial style of conducting is shows earned him the nickname of “shock jock”.

7. Magic Johnson

magic johnson

Estimated Net Worth: $500 Million

Former basketball player who played as a point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers, Earvin “Magic” Johnson Jr. was immediately chosen in the 1979 NBA Draft by the Lakers. He has won none NBA Finals performances, twelve All-Star games, three NBA MVP Awards and five championships. After his retirement, Johnson has been an active motivational speaker, philanthropist. At present he owns Magic Johnson Enterprises, a real estate territory with AMC Theatres, T.G.I. Fridays, Starbucks and 24 Hour Fitness as partial partners. In October 2010, he sold his shares in Lakers. Not just this, Johnson is one of the tallest point guards in the history of NBA and has had 138 triple-doubles in his entire business.

Interesting Fact

Johnson has held a record of the longest kept contract in the history of sports. The deal was signed in 1981 with Lakers for 25 years for $25 million dollars.

6. Jerry Seinfeld

jerry seinfeld

Estimated Net Worth: $800 Million

An actor, writer, television producer and a professional stand-up comedian is well known for portraying his own real life version in the comedy called Seinfeld. The successful show had earned Jerry most of his wealth and fame. His net worth is also a contribution due to his writing skills and public speaking talent. He made several ads for Microsoft in 2008 for which he was lavishly paid $10 million. He was the highest paid comedian for the period of June 2008 till June 2009.

Interesting Fact

Jerry Seinfeld is whispered to possess one of the leading Porsche collections in the world.

5. Bono


Estimated Net Worth: $900 Million

The main vocalist of the rock-band U2, Bono,is an Irish performer and charitable person. The top most and well known group in music record, U2 has produced 12 live performances and have sold above than 150 million accounts around the globe. He has won 22 Grammy Awards. The peak year of U2 was 2005 in which they rocked the earth. with the population of 7,268,430 masses and mean profits of $736,137,344, the band aired their best concerts in year 2009-10.

The success has given Bono an estimated net worth of over $900 million.  He is well on his way to becoming a billionaire.  Bono with the gross revenue of more than $900million is bridging to be a billionaire!

Interesting Fact

In 2010 Bono’s investment arm Elevation Partners purchased a 1.5% stake in Facebook for $200 million.  In 2011 that stake was valued at $700 million when Facebook reached $55 billion.

4. J.K. Rowling

jk rowling

Estimated Net Worth: $1 Billion

Harry Porter’s author, J.K Rowling is a British writer. Being born in England, Yate, before becoming a Portugal English teacher she acquired university education at University of Exeter in French and Classics. Miss Rowling thought about harry porter in early 1990 and completed the book in 1995. Harry Porter pack received huge appreciation globally, having been sold greater than 400 million duplicates and winning several appreciations. Harry Porter generated well known films in which the author showed a firm hand on the writings. Rowling’s life is stated as “rags to riches” as she managed to earn billions. J.K Rowling’s gross profit is estimated asUS$1 billion on the March 2011 recent billionaires of world were updated. Since 2010 October the writer is regarded as the Most Influential Woman of Britain.

Interesting Fact

The last two Harry Potter books, Half-Blood Prince and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows sold nine and eleven million copies, respectively, within twenty-four hours of their releases.  In June 1997, Bloomsbury published Philosopher’s Stone with an initial print-run of 1,000 copies, 500 of which were distributed to libraries.  Today, such copies are valued between £16,000 and £25,000.  The Harry Potter movies have grossed over $7.5 billion.

3. Julia Louis-Dreyfus

julia louis dreyfus

Estimated Net Worth: $2.9 Billion

Extracted fame from the well-known sitcoms of The New Adventure of Old Christine and Seinfeld, Julia got recognition in early 1980s by Saturday /night Live. She has grabbed two Emmy Awards, five Screen Actors Guild Awards and one Golden Globe Awards. As for her nominations, they were twelve for Emmy Awards, five for lead actress for The New Adventures of Old Christine, seven for supporting actress in Seinfeld.

2. George Lucas

George Lucas

Estimated Net Worth: $3.25 Billion

A screenwriter, producer and film director by profession, Lucas is the founder, chairman and chief executive of Lucasfilm. Star wars and Indiana Jones earned him great publicity and fame. Up till now he has directed 6 movies in total and sponsored 23 others. Star Wars has got him the greatest limelight and money, worth $5 billion as global income alone, more than his six films altogether.

1. Giorgio Armani

giorgio armani

Estimated Net Worth: $7 Billion

Armani is the most famous Italian fashion designer of the world, specifically for his gent gears. His clean handwork is most demanded. From its origin in 1975 till the year 2001, Armani’s Giorgio was recognized as the world’s most successful designer from Italy. His owns assets are worth $7 billion and generated revenue of $1.6 billion. He owns 60 Armani boutiques, 122 Emporio Armani, 13 Armani Junior, 11 Collezioni and one Armani accessori extended over 37 different countries globally.

He has a talent for sports and is the president of the Olimpia Milano basketball team. He has designed the suits for England national football team as he is a die-heart fan of the Inter Milan. As for the coming summer Olympics in Italy, Armani has decided to design their uniforms in London.

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